‘Your Afro Hair Could Benefit From Cannabis Plant’, Sowore Fires Back At Shehu S…


‘Your Afro Hair Could Benefit From Cannabis Plant’, Sowore Fires Back At Shehu Sani For Kicking Against The Idea

“I hate to stand between two Nigerian politicians engaging asinine arguments but i am disappointed in you for this tweet. Have you ever thought of it that when this idea finally gains legal ground your Afro hair could benefit from a locally produced line of Cannabis hair products?

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  1. Arrant nonsense.wat type of world are we living in. Wat type of legacy are we leaving for our children.i gues it’s high time we instituted a committee to look into d effective utilization of cocaine in Nigeria

  2. Politics and activism are two parallel lines that won’t work together, but in Nigeria, reverse is the case. When Shehu Sani became a politician, the spirit of activism went on a low key and he focus more on politics with prejudice. Now that his term is fast coming to an end, it seems he has found his old lost love again. What a double standard activist.

  3. I think this is good idea that’s going to boost our economy plus creating some job and it’s knowing that Nigerian spend huge for importing cannabis but when we legalized its farms it’s going to be export outside the country while here govt could be benefiting its revenue but I wonder an activist like comrade Shehu sani stand against it I’m libertarian and I’m convinced that is great to our young rising creativity and ingenuity at the other hand it has negativity but we don’t to forget its positivity it’s my opinion and opinion is a food when ain’t yummy then cook yours

  4. I don’t like Sowore anymore since election was rigged no more news or any challenged about the election maybe he don’t collect money from lifeless president.

  5. We are all looking about bad effect of cannabis what of it’s good effect and advantage. gov. Akeredolu just mention one out of many advantage of weed as Business.
    Medical is also good not smoking but using it to make tea or spice in food

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