#XenophobicAttacks: Zambian And Nigerian Youth Loot South African Stores


#XenophobicAttacks: Zambian And Nigerian Youth Loot South African Stores



  1. Nigerians don’t know that some stores in the shoprite shopping mall are rented by Nigerians. When you enter shoprite and loot from SLOT or Hub 3C outlet, you are looting from your co-Nigerian shop ooo.

  2. but… The south african owners of those shops are going to lose royalties paid to them. It’s like looting konga, jumia or amazon, while the selllers will lose big, it is the owners of the online shops that will lose bigger stake since they gain a lot when the times are good.

  3. For those planning to loot Dstv, wait a little bit my subscription will end by Sunday by Monday morning we loot them together, i must enjoy my subscription finish before any looting or attack

  4. As far as I’m concerned, they should have raised it down after looting it completely and any idiot that stand on their way should be dealt with. Since our own government refused to act accordingly, we can’t watch our own brothers and sisters been burnt down to ashes and do nothing. Rubbish and useless set of people

  5. I guess it is time for Dangote, Adenuga, Otedola and other billionaires to set up their own superstores to replace these South African businesses. Our billionaires should have even done so before Shoprite, all the way from South Africa did so.

  6. God punish you for using the word highly unfair😡 so when they burnt your brother to death that was fair abi? Or is’t when their shops was likely burnt and distroy is fair shey? Some Nigerians ‘re the cause of our problem given rooms for this people & bad government to keep tormenting Nigerians

  7. This is rubbish. All those shops are nigeria shops. So many losses and job loss. Ahhh who ever stole what thus not belong to him is a thief. This is not the best way to revenge


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