Xenophobic Attacks: Police Take Over Shoprite In Abuja | Sahara Reporters Human…


Xenophobic Attacks: Police Take Over Shoprite In Abuja | Sahara Reporters

Human and vehicular movement has been restricted within and outside the area as shoppers and shop owners in the mall were asked to pass through the exit gate.

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  1. We are coming for them
    The only thing police know how to do is to protect politicians interest
    Because most of this are owned by our politicians
    They are now sending police while South Africa police are helping their people to burn Nigeria alive
    Karma is coming

  2. Why should Nigeria federal government use tax payers money to protect the business of south Africans after they kill and loot that of Nigerians in their country?

    I tire for naija.

  3. Charles Ujunwa Ingreen when Nigerians does well you are a proud Nigerian ba ? But now you feel ashamed I advised you to nationalized to Biafra no need to board a flight just enter moolue at oju elegba

  4. We are the enemies of ourselves. So now our people’s soul means nothing to our leaders? I have heard one South African guy saying we can’t burn their companies here and I asked him why? He said he knew our leaders would protect them. Then he was right. They did imaoo. What a shame

  5. Xenophobia Morning Brief


    The South African chain store is owned 100% by South Africa parent company and does not have any Nigerian as owner. What they do is approach the owner of a Mall (like Ikeja city Mall) and rent a space for their products. These products are sourced from local suppliers and foreign suppliers. However, once a local supplier delivers the goods to Shoprite, Shoprite is responsible for the safety of the goods and MUST pay the supplier should anything happen to the goods. So Nigerians are not affected.

    However, the entire Mall is not owned by Shoprite, just the Shoprite store in the Mall.

    MTN Nigeria

    MTN Nigeria is not owned by Nigerians in whole. In fact, 85% of MTN Nigeria is directly owned by the South African company. MTN parent company own 76% while Stanbic IBTC (also South African) own 9%. The remaining are shared across many other organizations, including MTN cooperative society.

    When MTN listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, the shareholders refused to let go of their shares for public purchase.

    DSTV Nigeria

    DSTV Nigeria is a franchise owned by Mr. Ogunsanya of Multichoice. However, all revenues of the company go to South Africa while DSTV Nigeria only submits quarterly budgets to run the DSTV Nigeria to South Africa. The only way DSTV Nigeria gets paid is in the area of selling decoders, dish installation and others.

    This is not to promote violent but merely a piece of information.

  6. I said it, Nigerian politicians will protect South Africans businesses at all costs..
    Bcuz of the huge shares they purchased especially MTN..

    Here they value money More than lives..
    I once told someone if bokoharam’s attack is on Nigeria’s Economy like the oil pipes, believe me, they will put a stop to it within a week

  7. Abacha, we miss you.
    I wish, I wish, I wish.
    O death why were thou born?
    God let us wake up tomorrow and Abacha is president for just one day and see how Nigeria head go correct for the next ten years.

  8. Buhari and his cow’s 🐮 cabinet has brought Nigerian to its knees to its extremmed low end among committee of nations since i was born.
    Never again will we allowed ruga and analogue cow’s 🐮 president to preside over the affairs of this country in a digital era.

  9. If you act like a fool because your opponent is acting like one, then you are truly a fool.
    Nigerian Police and government has acted mature in this matter than their counterpart in SA.
    Truly we are giant of Africa

  10. But if Nigerian gorvernment has power over Nigerian not to founderlized southafrica buisness like shoprite and MTN, Do they still have power over your dicition on where to spend your money, let’s Nigerian at least coprate at least for the first time and do away with shoprite shopping and do away with MTN subscription, after all there many indigenous store to shop


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