#Xenophobia: Nigerias react on recent attacks and murder in South Africa. _ Ag…


#Xenophobia: Nigerias react on recent attacks and murder in South Africa.
Again, I reiterate that for #Shoprite to get disrupted & NOT looted shows #Nigerians are angry but NOT LOOTERS/THIEVES. #SouthAfricans are inviting more than they can chew. It could get worse from here.
#SayNoToXenophobicAttacks #Xenophobia -Via @YusuffAzeez10 on Twitter
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  1. But this isn’t the solution.. They are wrong, yes a lot of Nigerians have been murdered, most of those SAfricans perpetrating this evil are lazy, low life impoverished illiterates but this could be a means to fuel the already angered state a lot of people are nursing @ present and turn it to revolution or something more like it… We are more civilised and learned 🙏🙏🙏let’s act like one Nigerians !!! #say no to xenophobic# our colour is our identity let us work together and make Africa great for US All…

  2. The supposed to loot the entire place and put the fire there. Why are they afraid of Nigerian corrupt police officers and politicians?? Every action; there is always opposed an equal reaction. Let South African know how it feels.

  3. This issue is complicated. 99% of Shoprite staff are Nigerians. I don’t know of multichoice and MTN. How many South Africans work in their own companies in Nigeria? If we attack their companies here, we have more to lose. We should look for a better way to deal with this issue. How many South Africans are here. It is quite complicated.

  4. Shame to you, Sahara Reporters if the powers that be have contracted you to use the word “recent” to describe ongoing killings of Nigerian citizens in South Africa by South African citizens as well as looting their shops. Is it what your CEO currently stands for? Who is bribed among you to present this kind of deceitful news reportage. Why are you dancing on the blood pool of innocent persons you claim to be your fellow Nigerians? Evil is you and you are evil. YES. VERY VERY SHAMFUL.

  5. Am against the attacks on Nigerians in South Africa but attacking their company is not right let remember that Nigerians work there if these South Africa company pack and go who will provide jobs for them Our government??? and let remember because of green pasture that why Nigerians are in South Africa. Bottom line let fix our country.

  6. Everything destroyed in the disruption belongs to Nigerians.
    The South African owners could lose only the money they didn’t make from % commission they didn’t make from the sales made by their Nigerian tenants in the outlet.

  7. This is a decent scattering na. Burst anything burstable, brake anything breakable, turn the counters side up down, make that place stink like kirikiri prison, in fact invoke an inferno that nobody will be able to stay there.

  8. We need to destroy their company in Nigeria and we will never kill anybody coz most of the people working there are Nigeria but Nigeria Government will never allow us to do dat coz of their own selfish interest but we most fight and do it together

  9. Nigerians in South Africa remain there, enduring the Xenophobic attacks because of their business or investment there. And who says it is foolishness that Nigerians at home are not destroying companies in Nigeria owned by South Africans because of the same economic reasons? If Nigerians in South Africa can’t leave because of their investment there and will rather die than lose their investment, then Nigerians at home should not lose their jobs because of them. Our brothers and sisters have got to leave South Africa. Whatever we do in retaliation should hurt South Africans, and not ourselves. Nigeria and Nigerians must think of effective ways to deal with South Africa. We are angry! Yes! But we must act wisely.

  10. Nigeria government and South Africa should find a quick solution to this problem before things get out of control. For now, Nigerians are just firing the warning shot. If care is not taken most of South Africa business will go on flame 🔥 here in Nigeria. God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬.

  11. Dear Abba Kyari, among the Nigerians killed in SA, there was one Mallam Nura with his herds of cattle….. Probably this is the best way to get the presidency to react to these barbaric acts #FixNigeria

  12. How are we sure that the shoprites in Nigeria are not own by politicians. Companies can sell their name provided the buyer agrees to keep to their standard of operations. My dear I won’t be surprised if Nigerians are not the owner of shoprites in Nigeria.

  13. E no get waiting we sabi do .. is this an attack.. Nigerian we no get power but we get sense.. plz leave the action for our faking leaders… I bet you they wouldn’t say anything because their investment are in SA..

  14. This is not the solution, We don’t have to attack SA owned companies in Nigeria 🇳🇬 ,94% of Nigerians work there, it is still an attack on our people. Let them shut it down 4 now..


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