Xenophobia: Atiku, Shehu Sani Condemn Attacks on Nigerians, Urge Buhari To Act |…


Xenophobia: Atiku, Shehu Sani Condemn Attacks on Nigerians, Urge Buhari To Act | Sahara Reporters

“Urgent steps need to be taken with the SA authorities and the African Union to bring an end to this ill wind that can only end up destroying the fabric of our African brotherhood.”

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  1. unfortunate we cannot do away with South African products,no better competitors to switch to,it will be suicidal to bun or close them down bcos many Nigerian will loose their jobs which will metamorphose to suicide,the best thing to do in this situation is to search for every south African and deal with them one after the other.

  2. This baba is just opening nonsense hand up and down, be picking teeth that is not complete, let Nigerian worldwide feel you for once, no o, it is only when cows are involved that he springs up in his majesty..

  3. In all of these I’ve not heard from Osibanjo, Lai Mohammed,Femi Adesina and Co…
    God punish any body that will come here and be saying nothing like attack in S/Africa just to promote this fail govt.

  4. Una say Nigeria battered image internationally was redeemed by Buhari’s presidency.lie!
    3days ago Raphael Ramaphosa was spotted sitting close to Buhari in Japan, possibly trying to know the cartoon our president was engulfed in.
    Useless Nigerian press flashed a headline “Buhari warns south African president over killing of Nigerians in his country”
    5 days later,Nigerians were not only killed in south Africa, their properties burnt despite south African president meeting the most respectable president in Africa?

    My fellow Nigerians, we don cast finish under this government, no country take us serious, because other nations are using our president to measure our seriousness as a nation.
    They have never been a government when Nigerians were killed with impunity in south Africa like this government, yet we have a government and integrity laden president

  5. No, don’t blame the government alone for this, as we the people of Nigeria also have a role to play. A lot could change if Nigerians stopped patronising/shutdown SA businesses in Nigeria. However, most Nigerians will rather use MTN than Glo, DSTV and GOTV than Startimes, not to talk of the fear that many Nigerians will lose their jobs if Nigerians boycott/shutdown SA businesses in Nigeria.

    We are our own problem!

  6. I had a quarrel with my brother in the morning of one December time. So, around 5:30 the same day, our neighbor came to attack me because I didn’t return his phone charger. I was surprised the way my brother jumped out from his room and attack the outsider as if we are bread and butter. Let’s put our internal matters apart and face the enemies who come to kill and destroy.

  7. Even ACOWAS, AU, UN, EU have become silent bcos the normal victims of genocide are receiving their due rewards.
    This collective and mischievous silence from mankind will never go unpunished by God Almighty.

  8. Nigerians should not expect Buhari to speak. He told the World Nigeria youths are lazy. probably baba does not believe there are hardworking youths in Nigeria who have left the bad and corrupt economy in Nigeria, competed hobourably in South Africa , killed out of Jealousy. Some are slaves in Libya. Our President of The Fulani republic of Nigeria is probably sleeping in Daura. God fight for us

  9. ,Hon Olayemi Idris, you are one of the problems we have encountered. How did you become a legislative member? What are your achievements from the past and now the present? What are those outstanding things you have done for your immediate community in Kwara State and Nigeria that you are now passing bucks to the masses? Tell all NIGERIANS your background and know you came through the godfather’s syndrome!!!


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