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Getting Started: A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching Your Writing Career

This page is no longer current. Please visit one of the following pages for the most recent postings on this topic:

Basics/Getting Started
Queries, Submissions, and Market Research
Conducting Research and Interviews
Polishing Your Prose: Tips on Grammar, Article & Story Structure, and Self-Editing
Networking & Skill-building: Classes, Critiques, and Conferences
The Writing Life
The Business Side of Writing
The Business of Writing: Contracts, Fees & Payment Issues
Understanding Rights, Copyright, Permissions & Plagiarism

Begin at the Beginning…

What Is a Writer? – Moira Allen
A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Terminology – Dawn Copeman
Not for Beginners Only… (“It’s Not Just About You”) – Moira Allen
Planning Your Writing Career – Dawn Copeman
Should You Specialize or Generalize? – Moira Allen
Take Your Specialty for a Spin – Moira Allen
Setting Effective Writing Goals – Moira Allen
Goals Are Worthless If… – Brian Jud
Getting the Most from Online Writing Classes – Moira Allen
How to Read ‘How To Write’ Books, by Sean McLachlan
Learning the Craft – Dawn Copeman
Is an MFA Program Right for You? – Amy White
Should You Write for Free? – Moira Allen
What Kind of Writer Do You Want to Be? – Terje Johansen
When Procrastination is a Good Thing – Barbara Florio Graham

Finding Ideas
Five Unusual Places to Look for Article Ideas – Chryselle D’Silva Dias

Where Oh Where Are All the Good Article Ideas? – Patricia Fry

Finding Markets

Bread and Butter Markets – Moira Allen
Exploring New Markets – Moira Allen
Filling in on Fillers – Moira Allen
Finding Sample Magazines – Without Breaking the Bank – Moira Allen
How to Study a Magazine You’ve Never Seen – Mridu Khullar
Organizing and Maintaining Your Market Notes – Hasmita Chander
Researching Markets: Looking Beyond the Obvious – Karen Luna Ray
A Smorgasbord of Markets – Penny Ehrenkranz
Targeting the Wrong Markets: The New Writer’s Most Common Mistake – Moira Allen

Queries and Submissions

Queries vs. Articles: Which is Best? – Moira Allen
How to Write a Successful Query – Moira Allen
E-mail Queries and Submissions: How to Keep Editors Happy – Moira Allen
What to Do if You Don’t Have Clips – Moira Allen
A Quick Guide to Manuscript Format – Moira Allen
Cover Letters: When, How and Why to Use Them – Moira Allen
Cover Me – I’m Going In! – John Floyd
Pros and Cons of Simultaneous Submissions – Moira Allen
Who Are You? How to Write a Good Bio – Devyani Borade
Who’s In Your Corner? (Tips on Making a Good First Impression) – Moira Allen
Who’s Who on the Magazine Masthead – Moira Allen
Writing Your Bio – Terje Johansen

Conducting Research and Interviews

A Beginner’s Guide to Interviewing – Dawn Copeman
Conducting Interviews – Moira Allen
Conducting E-mail Surveys and Interviews – Moira Allen
Creating an Expert File – Kathryn Lay
Expert-Finding Strategies Every Writer Needs to Know – Mridu Khullar
Don’t Reach for Any Old Quote – John Rains

It’s Interesting — But Is It Accurate? (The Perils of Online Information) – Moira Allen
Searching the Web – Moira Allen
Why Libraries Still Matter – Ellen Metter

For additional information on researching specific topic areas, see our Romance and Mystery sections.

Crafting Your Article

Becoming Your Own Editor – Moira Allen
Death by Revision – Kristin Camiolo
Facing the First Draft – Moira Allen
Five Fatal Flaws that Can Lead to Rejection – Moira Allen
How to Craft a Great Article, Part I: Structure, Focus, Unity and Flow – Dawn Copeman
How to Craft a Great Article, Part II: Hooks, Leads, and Endings – Dawn Copeman
How to Outgrow “Write What You Know” – Jenna Glatzer
How to Repurpose Your Rejection – Isabella E.C. Akinseye
How to “Show Don’t Tell” – Dawn Copeman
How to Sit Down and Write an Article – Dawn Copeman
How to Write Like an Expert – Moira Allen
The Outline Demystified – Moira Allen
What Every Writer Needs to Know About Article Titles – Julie K. Cohen
When “First Person” Is the Last Person You Need – Moira Allen

For more tips on grammar, structure, and polishing your prose, visit the Grammar & Writing Skills section!


Being There (editorial) – Audrey Henderson
The Benefits of Critique Groups – Michele Acker
The Buddy System – Carol Sjostrom Miller
How Online Critiquing Can Help Your Writing – Moira Allen
How to Give and Receive Critiques – Dawn Copeman
Processing Feedback – Joni B. Cole
Ten Great Reasons (Plus One) to Attend a Writers’ Conference – by Susan Denney
Using Informational Interviews to Advance Your Career – Terri Mrosko

Should You Quit Your Day Job?

Balancing Act: Ten Reasons to Keep Your Day Job – Denene Brox
Making the Leap from a “Real Job” to Freelancing – Kathy Sena
To Plunge or Not to Plunge? – Moira Allen
Fifty Tips on Taking the Plunge – Moira Allen
Ready to Quit Your Day Job? – Hasmita Chander
To Job or Not To Job: A Writer’s Question – Antonio Graceffo

Recommended Reading

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