Witnesses describe the moment a gunman opened fire at a video game tournament in…


Witnesses describe the moment a gunman opened fire at a video game tournament in Florida. bbc.in/2wjrbNb



  1. They need to ban guns, as this as taken life’s of loved ones, knives too. It’s shocking this is still happening, laws definitely need to change so people can just get on with their lives. 😱😱😱😱😱

  2. Let me guess, this was not a terrorist but just another misunderstood good boy, who hasn’t touched a girl in ages and has mental health problems (but not so bad they prevented him from getting a gun in the first place)?

  3. Life was not made to play it as a vídeo game… the world became so violent with this kind of game, we need to save the world, so it depend of you and . together as one we can,just believe… weapons is not power, the true Power is your mind and your heart…

  4. It could happen anywhere (except Australia). I never spare a second thought for gun violence or my chances of being shot because it will never happen. Unless I holiday in the US of course.

  5. Right to bear arms…sure the constitution envisaged that meant carrying at the mall when playing video games….saddest thing is it doesn’t even warrant a raised eyebrow…just another day in the Good Ol U.S of A….fuck^*g tragic.

  6. Just another day in the good ol’ US of A – sorry (and I feel so sorry for the victims and their families) but this just isn’t ‘news’ anymore – if they had a day when no one was shot, now that WOULD be news!!! Like the saying goes… live by the gun, die by the gun.

  7. I don’t know about you but a few things:
    1) Thoughts and prayers to the victims.
    2) There are so many guns out there why bother doing anything!
    3) We need to analyze his motive and spend a few days talking about the gunman.
    4) Wait for next mass shooting and cycle repeats.


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