With MPs set to decide whether to back Theresa May’s #Brexit deal, our politica…


With MPs set to decide whether to back Theresa May’s #Brexit deal, our political correspondent Leila Nathoo examines the ramifications.

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  1. How many more “what if…”, “what might happen…”, “should’ve could’ve would’ve” reports are we going to see before the actual story breaks? This isn’t reporting…its sheer speculation.

  2. Can you think back to when you were a small child, you’d fallen out with your parents, they’d told you off for something, you didn’t like living by their rules, then after one particularly angry exchange, you’d announce, “I’m leaving!” your parents, well mine did, would help you pack a bag with a few essentials, your toothbrush etc, make sure you were wearing a thick coat with mittens on string, you say goodbye then you’d start the long walk down the drive, you would get about 4 meters away from the front door, then tears would start running down your face, you’d try and keep it together, keep walking to then end of the drive once you got there, you realised you don’t have a clue what you’re doing, you don’t think you can make it on your own and it dawn’s on you you’ve made a terrible mistake! You turn around run the length of the drive back to your parent who is still stood on the doorstep they welcome you with open arms, you hug them, say sorry and they tell you it’s all going to be ok! And that folks is my analogy of Brexit and how I’d like it to end! x

  3. When will people realise, the only Brexit ‘they voted for’ is a no-deal Brexit? Any Brexit which involves us requiring agreement from the EU goes against the whole ‘take bsck control’ mantra.

    So any MP truly wanting to vote based on the numerical outcome of the referendum should vote against this deal so that we can go down the path of a no deal Brexit.

    Any MP realising that the Brexit vote was based on a campaign defined by lies and misrepresentation and therefore cannot be trusted to represent what people would have voted had they known the truth, should also vote against the deal, in the hope that it might lead to a repeat referendum, thus giving democracy a chance.

    The only MPs who should vote Yes, are those who truly think Britain will be better off under this deal than we are right now.

  4. 🛑
    Just revoke ARTICLE 50!
    Just stop it all and back to work!!!
    Asking an uninformed population, with one of the lowest levels of education in EU, to make such an important decision was a bad idea.
    Stop 🛑 it


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