Wife of Boko Haram Leader, Shekau, Is Killed In Military Strike After a recent …


Wife of Boko Haram Leader, Shekau, Is Killed In Military Strike

After a recent bombing raid that killed one of the wives of Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau, the Nigerian military on Wednesday said it is investigating the incident.

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  1. The Way our Military lie is disgusting. They have killed Shekau more than 6 times and now they claim to have killed Shekau’s wife. Later you will hear they killed his Grandmother. If Shekau is used as the name of their Military leaders then who becomes Shekau should be known by the real name. They don’t know why and who they are fighting

  2. In America Killing the wife of a Most wanted terrorist is seen as foolishness and a defeat. She could give Intel that could truncate most of their terrorist activities she could easily lead them to delivering a fatal blow to the sect. In Nigeria , Our Military claim it as a success. You see why them no get sense

  3. The westerners will rather chose to apprehend the wife and question her to get Intel’s that will lead to the capture of shekau but naija army will rather chose to kill any thing that may lead them to such intels.

  4. Since they couldn’t kill Shekau, they captured his flag and Koran, last year. Today, they are reporting that they had killed his wife. But Shekau is not monogamous. He has many wives, in dozens.

    After all, when ISIS overran the Sinja Mountains and massacred the native Yazidis in August 2014, they took a lot of Yazidi women and girls as sex slaves and shared them among themselves. ISIS leaders claimed that their brand of Islam commanded them to capture women and girls, forcefully marry them and sell them as slaves. Boko Haram copies ISIS. It had pledged allegiance to ISIS and draws emotional and spiritual support from it. In fact, some of the abducted Chibok girls had married Boko Haram members. So anyone saying that Shekau wife had been killed is trying to pull a fast one. Every female victim captured by Boko Haram, including the hapless policewomen abducted some time ago, are potential Shekau wives, willy ninny.

  5. How do they knew she’s shekau wife & who told them she’s wife to shekau? these people by name calling boko haram they’re still very active becouse yesterday last night insurgency attacks sasawa village 45kilometers away from damaturu.killed many………

  6. We don’t need this kind of story Sahara report: when will this country called themselves nigeria be ashamed of all these deception? A country where old man like lar Mohammed doesn’t know that he’s old enough to be known for lieying. A country where a men of God has been ruined by politicians! A country where a common counsellor will think he or she has been thesame with God. A country where any elected politician will think that he or she has privilege to talk anyhow and that nothing will happen. A country where old men called themselves politicians since 1960 think they have gotten a business centre to make money and the people that elected them will remain stupid. A country where politicians travel day by day but doesn’t learn anything. Infact can you tell me we will ever grow in this country full of liars. No one of nigeria politicians is good person. I wish Shekau and his bokoharam will just face these our politicians from north, West, South and East leave poor innocent one’s

  7. Of what benefit is the death of shekau’s wife to the hungry masses, so air strike cannot kill shekau himself but one of his numerous wives, chai army should do better than this than celebrating over one of the girls that shekau uses to clean his yansh. You are putting the life of the citizens around there in danger because anytime you rejoice over shekau, him and his boys will strike to prove you guys wrong. AHUA. This fake news will now cost people their lives. Even if you killed her, why not maintain your cool

  8. Within Islamic values and beliefs,does that really matter? If Islam permits polygamy or marrying of several wives,do you think Shekau will even feel a stink of it? Human beings treasures or values what is only limited. But Shekau is open to numerous ladies. Why would he feel it?

  9. Zoological republic of Islamic Nigeria stop lying,we already knew/saw how you killed the Boko Haram leader more than three times, now you started killing the wife. Not only Boko Haram are killing you, even lying contributes to your death. Foolish military

  10. It has no meaning somebody dat have 4wives and many concubines, it has no meaning, Soldier go soldier come Barack never empty may Almighty Allah continue to guide our gallant soldiers and may those who lost their life rest in blossom of God

  11. Kudos to the able Airforce for their operation airstrikes well commendable.. You’re indeed pride of the nation too.. But please use your intelligence and surveillance response squad find this man with your air to ground Forces fish him out

  12. After Nigeria military troops killed Boko haram leader Abu Shekau five times and he still lives to torment us,
    now they want us to clap and believe that they killed his wife who possibly is one of the abducted chibok girls.

    Why are we shameless??.😐😠

  13. My able gallant hero abubakar shekau is a man I believe can say d truth any tym any day. The islamic janjaweed untrained zoo army are a bunch of liars, who are only good at killing unarmed civilians, a debased army that can stoop so low to steal nnamdi kanus maikano generator. What a bunch of impoverished crooks. If ur man enough go and hv a handshake with shekau. Bombaclap

  14. This bokoharam report is looking more like a game called draft! !
    There will be an attack and sodiers will be kill,then sodiers will repot a strick back killing one or two this has been going as if is kill I kill!!
    Or are these names and people are killed in one strick and you come out to write and call their number one by one to keep the draft on!!
    So rediculous! !


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