What’s behind the rising tensions between the US and Iran?


What’s behind the rising tensions between the US and Iran? https://bbc.in/2VFXpB1



  1. Donald Trump is the answer. The US should focus on human rights in their own country and stop playing world police with a wannabe far right fundamentalist dictator as their so called President. The rest of the world should boycott the US as long as the mad man is at the top. He is dangerous. Seriously dangerous.

  2. Why did American people vote a reality star, a failed businessman and an ego centric numpty to be their president?!? He is a very dangerous, uneducated bully with no idea what he’s doing!! You’d be better off with Mickey Mouse in power!!

  3. As usual Trump creates an issue which could devastate the world all because of oil! It was better to have a deal lessening the chance of nuclear weapons in Iran. Now he is inflaming the situation. Stupid man, he really needs to be out of that position as President. Very dangerous man!

  4. Trump wants a war with hi name on it. He doesn’t know he’s already engaged in a war against decency and sanity.
    The American people are his enemy and he wants everyone exept himself dead and gone.

  5. I do not believe for one second that the Saudis are not involved in some way. They have been wanting to get rid of Iran for YEARS. Despite their horrible regime, the average iranian is far more peaceful and educated than some of their neighbours, and if given enough time and the right tools, Iran could easily develop into a more modern, western-friendly powerhouse in the Middle East with a geographical advantage as well. This would absolutely destroy Saudi Arabia, both in terms of economy and balance of power. Just look at how concerned the saudis suddenly were about terrorist fundings when they started their blockade of Qatar – which they would happily remove later if Qatar stopped diplomatic relations with Iran…. It would not surprise me if they pushed Trump to step out of the nuclear deal.


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