Feeling like you just might not qualify for a real job? Well, I’m happy to announce that there are jobs out there for everyone. Literally. All it takes is doing a little research to determine which jobs you are actually qualified for.

Sometimes it’s quite obvious that we aren’t qualified for a certain job:

  • Maybe the job requires you to dress a certain way that you don’t feel comfortable with
  • Or, it may call for certain skills that you haven’t quite developed yet
  • Maybe it takes clocking in at a time that’s far too early for your liking

Whatever the case may be, knowing how to answer the question “what jobs am I qualified for?” can not only keep you out of a rut of unemployment, but help you decide on a career path later on in life.

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Finding Jobs You Are Qualified For

So about 7 months ago, I wrote a piece called “What Career is Best for Me? A List of 5 Free Career Aptitude Tests” that was supposed to help you determine which career path is right for you.

But since a job comes before a career, I now want to help you determine which jobs you are qualified for.

The best way to do that is to point you in the direction of 3 awesome (and free!) job quizzes that will assess your skills and help you determine which jobs you would be a qualified candidate for.

Well, here they are:

3 Free Job Quizzes (to find a job you’re qualified for)

1. My Career Quizzes take quiz

This is a fun, free job quiz that consists of 20 multiple choice questions.

After answering the questions, you will be asked to enter your email address and name to receive your results that are supposed to show you what your (suggested) dream job is.

p.s I took the quiz and my (suggested) dream job is……(drumroll)……Teacher!

2. ISEEK Careers take quiz

Sometimes the best way to learn about yourself and your skills that will qualify you for a job is to take an assessment.

ISEEK’s Skill Assessment lets you self-rate 35 different skills in a 5-10 minute skill assessment.

After completing the assessment, you’ll be provided with a list of occupations that best match your skill profile.

3. MindTools take quiz

Want a quick evaluation of your current skills?

By responding to only 15 statements, MindTools will tell you how you rate in five main skill areas:

– Leadership and Management
– Problem Solving and Decision Making
– Communication
– Time Management
– Personal Mastery

You can then take your scores and do a little more research to determine what kind of jobs you are most qualified for.

Find a Job Match on BrandRed Resume

Now that you’ve done your work to answer the question “what jobs am I qualified for?”, it’s time you start looking for open positions for that particular job.

Well, lucky for you, you can now search for job matches on BrandRed Resume.

To do so, simply visit the BrandRed Resume Jobs Page and either click on one of the predefined industries, or conduct a custom search using a “Job Title” and “Location”

If you need more instructions, see: Find A Job Online On BrandRed Resume


Clearly, you won’t be qualified for every type of job, but if you are in the middle of looking for your next position, it would be nice to know what jobs you should consider applying to.

Take a few minutes to complete the free job quizzes listed and let us know what your results were.

Know of any other free job quizzes that will help to determine which jobs you are qualified for? Share them in the comments below.



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