The Success of Internet Startups

“The most successful internet startups focused on building a great product first and a great business only later.”

– Tom Murcko

The Road to the Internet

“The road to the Internet is paved with silicon. (Craig Barrett, former CEO of Intel)”

– Craig Barrett

Changes Associated with the Internet

“It is true that the Internet will change everything. It is not true that everything will change. (Stated by Paul Deninger when he was the CEO of high-tech investment bank Broadview)”

– Paul Deninger

A Statement on the Internet

“The internet is a great way to get on the net. (Bob Dole was the 1996 Republican presidential candidate)”

– Bob Dole

One Perspective on Internet Companies

“There won’t be any Internet companies. All companies will be Internet companies, or they will be dead. (Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel)”

– Andy Grove



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