Fare Capping

Token Transit implements Fare Capping.Fare capping limits how much you pay for all your trip in a day, week or month. When your fare is capped you will receive a message from Token Transit informing you that your transit pass was automatically upgraded. When this happens, you’ve received free transit!

Automatic Upgrade

Token Transit will inform you when your fare has been capped with an SMS or email message. This message will tell you:

Token Transit: We’ve automatically upgraded your transit passes to a NEW PASS ($PRICE OF PASS) after spending $AMOUNT. You will receive a refund for $REFUND AMOUNT.

What does this mean?

  • NEW PASS: Your Token Transit account now has a free NEW PASS. This is an upgraded pass type that is better than what you activated and provides you with additional transit you can use at no extra cost.
  • PRICE OF PASS: The free pass you received originally had a value of PRICE OF PASS, and you spent AMOUNT already, which is equal to or more than PRICE OF PASS.
  • REFUND AMOUNT: In the case where you’ve already spent more than the price of the pass you’ve received, we’ll give you your money back! If you’ve spent more than the price of the pass that you’ve been upgraded to we will refund you the difference.

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