‘VPN’ means ‘Virtual Private Network’, a network where individuals do not carry out a data transfer as they usually do, directly through physical structures (cables or radio), but choose a distinct structure within that network. A VPN is therefore a network within a network.

In the case of CyberGhost VPN, a carefully encoded tunnel is built between your computer and a CyberGhost VPN server, through a software (hence the name ‘virtual’), which cannot be intercepted. If you activate your CyberGhost VPN client, all your Internet operations, from surfing, to message editing, to download manager, are carried out. Figuratively speaking, through CyberGhost VPN you have an invisible cable that directly connects your computer to our server. You send the data at one end and we receive it at the other end.

When the connection between you and us is established, the NAT (NAT = Network Address Translation) functions are activated. Through these, you (or, better said: your connection) are assigned a new IP address that doesn’t allow the original sender to be identified. We will then send your Internet requests as usual.

There is one disadvantage, though: the higher the number of users connected to a server, for whom the server must ensure anonymity, the more it affects the data transfer speed for all of them. This overload is also the reason why public proxy servers can be so slow. On the other hand, all CyberGhost VPN servers have a minimum guaranteed speed, which means that, if a server reaches a certain degree of demand, other servers are activated to distribute the tasks that have to be processed.

Isn’t ‘normal’ security software enough to protect my privacy?

No. A Firewall or an anti-virus software doesn’t protect your personal freedom on Internet, and it does not protect you, if your privacy is being violated. It doesn’t guarantee your anonymity on Internet either. A Firewall monitors the network traffic and, if necessary, can protect you against unauthorized accessing, while anti-viruses focus exclusively on harmful software.

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