1. Arsenal is the best team in the history of the premier league, will win the league, the league cup, UEFA EUROPE LEAGUE and will qualify for the UEFA Champions League 2018/2019. #GoGunners 💪🏻🔴⚪

  2. Hello my good Arsenal fans, don’t let this win distract your attention from the fact that,, Bakayoko came from France the media said he’s top class 40m a good bargain. Bakayoko sweats 50litres again and chelshit fans are here and there crying in pains. #come on, Arsenal 😹😹😹🤣

  3. When i saw arrogant Chelsea fans saying Man City vs Chelsea in the Final i laughed. They forgot FA cup and caraboa cups is Wenger Champions League and Premier League trophy. If u want to stop Wenger from winning this their Champoins League, knock them out at quarter Final, if u dont well they going straight to final possibly win it.

  4. Chelsea Football Club In 2018

    Everton 0 0 Chelsea
    Arsenal 2 2 Chelsea
    Chelsea 0 0 Leicester
    Norwich 0 0 Chelsea
    Chelsea 0 0 Arsenal
    Chelsea 1 1 Norwich
    Brighton 0 4 Chelsea
    Arsenal 2 1 Chelsea
    One Win In 8 matches and their deluded fans thinks they stand a chance to beat Barcelona

  5. As an Arsenal fan, I appreciate everything Sanchez did. Fantastic player. But it was time, and the first two games without him were perhaps the best theyve played all season. No more drama and distraction. Plus Mkhitaryan and if they pick up Aumameyang, then it’s an excellent January overall. Better than most of their recent summer windows too. No idea why people think Arsenal are worse than Liverpool or Tottenham, who have finished outside the top 4 more times recently and haven’t won a thing in ages. Even an FA Cup. And people forget Arsenal have also finished above Man United 4 seasons in a row. Arsenal have gone through a rough patch for sure, but are nowhere near the “mid-table” team some have claimed. COYG.

  6. Antonio Conte can hardly beat Wenger your boys 😂😂😂😂 here we go to Wembley again, hope we complete signing of Aubameyang in addition to the squad then we hope to shutdown Man City because we are going to our second home which we hardly loss 😂😂😂

  7. We scored 3 goals
    2 for Arsenal and 1 for us
    They say love your neighbor as you love yourself but here we love our neighbors more than ourselves,
    Too bad

  8. Forvete Cavani’yi, orta sahaya Eriksen’i, kanata da Schürrle’yi alsalar ne güzel olurdu. Wilshere-eriksen-mkhitaryan orta sahada önlerinde schürrle-cavani-özil. Tabi aq wengerini kovmadan olmaz. forvet skor üretemiyor. Bir maçta 10 kere ofsayta düşmek nedir.

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  10. Thats what happens wen the little man gets into ur head. .wait when you lose to barca in camp nou..abramovich will tell u to go straight to italy..not bk to london..joke around. .lol

  11. Come on stop Fukin crying you Wimp. I suppose Jose’ s to blame for this as well. Hahahahahahaha. Matic definitely knew what he was doing when he came to the Reds. Yeeeeeesss


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