Weapons From Libya Responsible For Conflict In Nigeria Says Dambazau | Sahara Re…


Weapons From Libya Responsible For Conflict In Nigeria Says Dambazau | Sahara Reporters

Some of the weapons used in the country were trickling down through Mali, Niger, and others.

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  1. Honestly Nigeria needs to check the flow.of arms from Libya and Niger through the porous northern borders into the country. A47 is now like pure water in the North

  2. You’re the interior minister, we asked you to advise government to recruit many in the job, be it custom, immigration, police, army to tackle the insecurity challenge but you remained silent, God would asks you for that.

  3. The Fulanis acquired the guns from Libya, the Fulanis took the guns to Nigeria, The Fulanis allowed the entry of Fulanis carrying guns into Nigeria, the Fulanis are using the guns to kill other people inside Nigeria, the Fulanis are the ones protecting & defending those Fulanis killing people in Nigeria & the Fulanis are complaining that people says it’s Fulanis killing others in Nigeria & claimed that those killing are bandits, in that case it’s “Fulani bandits” period.

  4. Tinubu, it shall never be well with you, it shall never be well with your name, it shall never be well with your children, it shall never be well with your children’s children, for conspiring to impose this natural disaster as a president of the people in Nigeria.

  5. Story story,niger republic is closer to libya than nigeria why niger such a violence doesn’t accure?all i understand abt nigerian problems here nd there is nigerian politice and also useless politicians we have.they dont have love or pity for any comman man in the country,poor nigerian love thier leader but the leaders dont love them anymore,in respect of tribe or religion all of them are the same,our useless leaders are the beedrook of all chriminal activities happened by youth in nigeria.

  6. keep allowing the Fulani to kill your people… Fulanis are never Nigerians

    Buy I don’t know the reason why the government of Nigeria are keeping quiet

  7. Story for the birds. Do we have common boundary with Libya? Why should Nigeria be destination for misplaced weapons from Libya? What is the motive and who are behind it? These are questions the Minister should address, please.

  8. If the weapons are not from Libya, Arabian Countries and/or the Nigerian Army, where will they be from.
    This is why we must beware of the Tribe of Islam in all relations, politics, leadership and everything; including in the probe of Saraki and in the PDP’s fight for Atiku.

  9. For the seek of one bag of foreign rice you can kill innocent people, but hundred thousands of AK-47 were transported into Nigeria through the same boarder you’re there telling stories….as if your government was elected to escalate the insecurity situation in the country…. what a nonsense

  10. So who is friendly with Libya, Niger, Chad and all those Arab nations so mentioned?
    Is it not Abokis that don’t have official boundaries with their brothers in arms?
    This is why South is exempted from Service Chiefs. It is paying off well, kudos.


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