“We are running out of time but there is still hope…” Sir David Attenborough ha…


“We are running out of time but there is still hope…”

Sir David Attenborough has issued his strongest statement yet on the threat posed to the world by climate change. https://bbc.in/2IIwYCT

#ClimateChangeTheFacts. Tonight. 9pm. BBC One.



  1. Climate change is a myth created by scientists and environmentalists. It’s all about funding and $$$. Climate has been changing and will continue so for the next billion years.

  2. I’m a libertarian/conservative edgelord. I deny climate change and science but fully support crony capitalism, the military industrial complex, and the corporate welfare state. My avatar is a pepe. Also, on a serious tip, please do everything in your power to ensure that Sir Dave lives forever.

  3. I suspect that we have already crossed the tipping point. Those who deny climate change can do so from the roofs of their flooded house, or run from the fires, tornados, blizzards and so on.

  4. 🥂 Cheers to all the armchair scientists willing to pass this off to their children. Duh, but it was sunny yesterday but it rained today…see climate change 🤦‍♀️

  5. I would tend to listen to and respect what Sir David Attenborough has to say above any of our political elite. After all they are in the pockets of big business. And all they care about is making themselves richer. And screw the world.

  6. Great broadcaster respected commentator on nature, but how green are his credentials??? Clothing?? Food?? Travel around the world?? Another Leornado De Crappio moment, lead by example don’t preach!!

  7. 10’000 years ago the ppm’s were 10 times greater than they are today. You climate change idiots. That’s 9’850 years before the first combustion engine was developed you political hacks.

  8. tak ada cerita running out of time….
    semua sudah diatur sesuai kemampuan maximal masing-masing….
    Tuhanku ingin menunjukkan abdi-abdiNya yang terbaik….
    ingat aku sedang mencatat….

  9. Despite all the protests, ongoing for year after year nothing seems to change. We even researched a car that runs of hydrogen, yet because it isn’t a viable option to change from the consumption of fossil fuels from a financial perspective, companies simple don’t invest.

    We have already seen that money is readily available, with 600mil being pledged to repair a cathedral that set on fire, yet you don’t see anyone doing the same when faced with imminent climate change.

    It is a clear that while the majority of people support the existence and dangers of climate change, it is the companies and that 1% who truly have the ability to change the industries that damage our world.

    “No man will ever be rich enough to buy back his past”

  10. I’ve lisned to Sir David for many years now, I trust what he says as he says it through first hand experience. I’ve worked out in the elements for a decade now 6 days a week 50 weeks of the year. The climate is changing! We do something now or we wave goodbye to the way we know life. Also do not vilainise the protesters in London they are doing what they feel necessary to protect our/your/their way of life before it is to late. Everyone needs to participate

  11. What is there about climate change that people don’t understand? Please stop talking about money! All the money in the world is not going to save our planet. It will only take a determined effort on all our parts to slow down climate change. We MUST start listening to these scientists and doing what they suggest. Why do we keep electing crazy people whose only interests in money and booze. We need to focus our attention on the climate.

  12. Thanks to this powerful video! I wish individuals in authority and we, the hoi polloi look closely to our role in our communities wherever we maybe.


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