“We are now standing at a crossroads. We must decide what path we want to take” …


“We are now standing at a crossroads. We must decide what path we want to take”

Greta Thunberg has inspired thousands of schoolchildren to demand action from governments on climate change. Now she has a message for the Extinction Rebellion protesters




  1. Go tell countries like India Pakistan Africa and middle east they cause all the pollution they are the problem not us even if we had zero admissions it would not helt the environment

  2. What if climate change isn’t real and we clean up our air and waterways, save our natural resources and wildlife, and make the world a better and healthier place to live, all for nothing!? The horror.

  3. Has she and anyone in the protest movement got any concrete policy options to present? I’m all for taking action on climate change, but the current demands are just a bit light on detail. Simply “reduce CO2 emissions to zero in 6 years” is not exactly helpful and is hardly better than the actually legally binding Paris Agreement. Perhaps make demands for greater support for solar feed in tarrifs? Or construction of new nuclear stations? Or reduction in fossil fuel subsidies? It’s symptomatic of all protest movements these days, we saw it laid bare at Occupy Wall Street where people gathered to protest the current state of affairs, yet offered no alternative. Naturally things went on much the same and the protests evaporated… Hopefully this will be different?

  4. How did all those people get there? Did they all walk?. I don’t think so. Get a job like other decent people.The Government should step in and stop using tax payers money to control them!!!!

  5. Good to see someone that actually listens to scientists. If anybody doesn’t believe the people that research climate science for a living then please show me your own peer reviewed papers and your academic credentials

  6. Why don’t we just fire all our teachers, doctors and electricians and hire 15 year olds to to the job, if they have the answers to everything. Can’t believe the people willing to bow down before the “wisdom” of teenagers.

  7. Climate change is great …. nice and warm Easter’s… hot summers and nice mild winters, I don’t see anyone complaining while enjoying an ice cream by the seaside 😎

  8. Nope , children do not live in a grown up world . We all had all these fantastic ideas when we were young ,then we grew up and realised that life isn’t that easy. And because they haven’t lived they don’t know that this has all been done before . We had Eco warriors and women’s lib in the 70s . And where did it get us . History repeats itself ,the problem with these children is they haven’t lived the history so think everything is new . Anyway this will all be forgotten in a few years like every other protest in history . This year’s news is tomorrow’s chip paper . Now more importantly ,when does Avengers Endgame come out ?

  9. Climate change has been going on for 100,000s years protesting isn’t going to stop it it’s a cycle the earth has to go through to compensate for volcanoes erupting and the ice melting governments cant do anything about it I’m afraid there will be another extinction level event another ice age and there isn’t anything we can do about it but prepare for it is all

  10. Thank you Greta for fighting for our future and for making people listen 💪 You are an inspiration and role model for all of us! Keep up the amazing work ❤️🙏❤️ #iamhere

  11. Well done Greta,❤️❤️❤️ so young and already so conscious, so promidmsing. You’re an inspiration for the youth and an example for the grown ups. Keep up your great work.


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