WATCH: Boko Haram Releases New Video Showing Hostages Captured From Nigerian Arm…


WATCH: Boko Haram Releases New Video Showing Hostages Captured From Nigerian Army



  1. And your president was telling his outgoing ministers to be proud to be part of the govt that ended boko haram😒 was he high on crack when he said that? God help us

  2. Boko Haram was birthed by the politicians less than two decades ago. The initial members of Boko Haram were political thugs on salary being paid by their political masters. They became bandits when no income was forthcoming. The IS enrolled them and indoctrinated them. Politicians in Nigeria with do-or-die ideology create problems for the country. This can only stop if membership of the Houses and Assembles becomes part-time with allowances paid on hourly basis

  3. Hmmmm and this makes me cry. Imagine the innocent soldiers dying for the actions and inactions of the wicked leaders.
    Even if Soldier is the only Job in Nigeria, I can never join it because of Boko Haram and never will any member of my family joins it.
    I can’t die for Nigeria

  4. Boko boys I hail oo! You guys are doing me very proud. Please finish all those coward Nigerian soldiers that only show power when they see armless IPOB members

  5. I feel pity for d captured soldiers n their families, it’s only God dt can guarantee their rescue, as for Nigerian army i say shame to you… Enjoy the #Nextlevel 🚶 🚶…

  6. So called technically defeated Boko Haram. I really simpatize with this soldiers for risking their lives to protect us all. I really pity their children. May God spare their lives.

  7. You said the Igbos do not know how to play politics.
    An Igbo person has one wife, who gives him three or four children.
    Then your own people, each man has four wives, or less, and each man has ten or twenty children
    The Igbo trains his children to become lawyers, doctors, businessmen, engineers, etc.
    Then your own people do not train most of their children at all, and they become almajiris.
    Then your children end up becoming terror herdsmen, Boko Haram, bandits and kidnappers.
    While the Igbos do not have political power, they have relative peace in their zone, they have a better life.
    But in your zone, you have political power, high level kidnapping, herdsmen attack, Boko Haram bombing, and bandit attacks.
    So right now, who is wiser?
    The Igbo man that has a small family and all the children are doing well and his region has peace, or you that has political power due to your population, but your children are the wretched of the earth, your land is desolate, and blood flows on your streets, and you can’t even enjoy the political power you have?
    Who is wiser?

  8. This is so painful. Families losing their fathers and brothers, yet we have people who sit in the comfort of their homes in FCT & tell us that they’ve defeated Boko Haram. It’s infuriating. I’m sad.

  9. I’m proud of my country and this government. Yes Boko Haram have been defeated, I believe that.

    If not, by the way BH was operating 4 years back, they should have entered into the Southern region. What they are doing now is only meant to incite the masses against the government. The only way we can shame them is to stand by the government at this critical time.

    We know BH possibly have informants within the Nigerian Army hence making it difficult curb the menace as quick as expected.

    BH is not hollywood mind you, it will take a while to extonerate them completely, if that’s even possible.

  10. I am very proud of President Mohammed Buhari and Nigerian Army whom have definitely defeated Boko Boys Technically and permanently….. Next Level Nigeria

  11. Congratulations to this administration as they have finally defeat boko haram and congratulations to the out going minister that later work with the administration that defeated boko haram finally.

  12. Chapter one verse one of NEXTLEVEL 4+4. I am proud to be part of the government that defeated Boko Haram and delivered some LGA back to Nigeria. Congratulations PMB

  13. What?! The same Boko Haram that Buhari said his ministers should be proud of part of a govt that defeated Boko Haram! Buhari is bad! Someone has a special place in hell!


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