VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Amaechi Says Nigeria ‘Not Going Anywhere’, Buhari ‘Doesn’t Lis…


VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Amaechi Says Nigeria ‘Not Going Anywhere’, Buhari ‘Doesn’t Listen To Anybody’

WATCH VIDEO: Amaechi, Minister of Transport, is heard saying Nigeria cannot change. He also says President Muhammadu Buhari doesn’t listen to anyone.



  1. Please anyone still claiming it wasn’t real voice of Amaechi on that leaked tape should be taken to Fr Mbaka for proper deliverance. The demon holding the person cannot be cast out by ordinary pastors and prayer warriors.

  2. I have said it that buharis cows and rams will begins insulting me and now they are now surface gradually lol, Because All these If you are highly ATIKULATED hit “like👍👍 ” 🚶🚶🚶🚶

  3. Sahara reporters should push harder to meet the demand for this contract they collected from Wadata Plaza, but #NextLevel is the answer whether Dubai travellers like it or not.

    Nonsense and ingredients 😂

  4. All Apc leaders knows that buhari have failed woefully, but don’t talk while eating. Even Aisha buhari confirmed her husband failure but due to the high population of mentally ill we have in Nigeria, that’s why you still see poor masses still supporting buhari.

  5. A minister of the federal republic says Nigeria is going nowhere until everybody in Nigeria dies and you that is struggling to survive are their hailing. Your madness is just starting

  6. That’s just d simple truth. Nig is going no where, and there is no hope 4 this country if this CLOWN called buhari win d next election. Many of them know this truth but they are afraid bcos they don’t want to go d way of JOSHUA DARIYE.

  7. I don’t see amaechi as the bad person here but Buhari because looking at it from another angle,amaechi may have given a positive advice to that cow called Buhari but he has failed to listen

  8. This is unbelievable!must you hear from Amaechi before you know that with buhari we aren’t going anywhere?before we were suffering and smilling but now it is only suffering,no smilling again.

  9. I said it before that they northerners or should I say they Muslims in Nigeria don’t care if Nigeria will be better or not what they cares about is for the president to be a Northerner and Muslim and I bet you even If Boko Haram leader come to contest with an angel from the east both Yoruba Muslim and Hausa Muslims will vote for Boko Haram leader massively

  10. Whether the video/Audio was doctored or not that’s not my problem, I have a feeling that my future wife needs #500,000 for shopping todays evening. Baby, if you’re here, Please just say “HI”

  11. Another failed Dubai strategy. PDP should face their predicaments and live Amechi alone. He’s already in Buhari’s campaign team so even if the socalled tape is genuine Amechi is forgiven.

  12. l think God just want to punish us with bad leaders in nigeria despite those people who are still in support of this administration have not even achieved anything,someone of them are still begging for money on street,despite that better life is even away from them therefore Nigerians should be wise in voting,politician’s have brainwashed peoples mind with Lie’s in short people are not fool’s anymore we need to vote bad government out of office if we still want better life of the citizen in Nigeria this government don’t have anything to offer Nigerians sorry to stay.

  13. Am amazed at the level of tribal and religious sentiments I see in this comment section. To add to my agony is the level of shortsighted visionless attitude of our some of our leaders. For those saying shows us whatever you want we will still vote for APC or PDP just know fully well that you are the problem of Nigeria not the candidates or the leaders of those parties. In the face of other competent and younger candidates you are all still engrossed with this folks. Haba is this a curse !!!!


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