VIDEO: Laughter At Tribunal As Onnoghen Asks Photographer: ‘Hope You’re Not Taki…


VIDEO: Laughter At Tribunal As Onnoghen Asks Photographer: ‘Hope You’re Not Taking My Pants’ | Sahara Reporters

Onnoghen, sat in the front row, smiled as numerous photojournalists beamed their cameras on him. However, when he noticed a particular journalist was bending down while taking his shots, Onnoghen jokingly asked him: “I hope you are not taking my pants.”




  1. HAHAHAHA…….. Is just a time… APC do whatever you want. PDP will come back “In sha Allah”. A lot of thieves are in PMB cabinet but because of APC immunity they are untouchable. There is GOD for everything you are doing to this man.

  2. Tailored, doctored, written script, in the name of judgement.
    We didn’t expect less
    All senior public servants in Nigeria who has not done what ONNOGHEN has done, let him cast the first stone

  3. That smile and courage comes from the clear understanding that he’ll never get justice in a Buhari government that is so determined to convict him at all cost. But then, he knows this is not over yet.

  4. See how greed and lack of content made him to allow PDP destroy his career and reputation.Hope the remaining greedy elements would learn from him.What a sad ending!

  5. This is justice well served. ..the tribunal have been lenient to him for not sending him to several years in prison…i hope he is not appealing the judgement. big question is,why is this case expeditiously expended when there are several curruption cases hanging for years, ?does it has to do with federal government interest?many questions begging for answers,..

  6. I read comments and usually do so to understand the genuineness of each. One common thing is that impartiality is thrown to the wind in most of the comments made on this issue. Ethnicity and tribalism form the basis of most comments. I wonder what the colonial masters saw as common denominator for grouping the different ethnicities in Nigeria together. Every issue is politicised, and depending on which tribe an accused comes from. Comments condemning justice will flood the Facebook. How on earth can a country like Nigeria makes prigress where politics infiltrates every issue This CJN case is clear and unambiguous. The main character in the drama knows what the end would be. He understands that truly he deserves what he got. The truth is not hidden.

  7. Jungle justice. His only offense is his place of origin – southern Nigeria, plus a presidential election was afoot during his tenure. Apart from both “sins”, nothing else. His predecessor, a Northerner, overshot his tenure by two solid years but it didn’t matter. In fact he could have continued until his seventy-third birthday in November and heavens would not have fallen. Such is how sad it is to be a southerner in Nigeria. Three months it took for his appointment to be confirmed while the president was away. A sad day indeed. Very.


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