VIDEO: Cynthia Amadi @elrufai cyntheberry urges President @MBuhari to declare hi…


VIDEO: Cynthia Amadi @elrufai cyntheberry urges President @MBuhari to declare his “private army” Fulani Herdsmen a Terrorist Group



  1. You have contributed to the woes of this country by voting for him. Next time people like you must do your research and findings before coming out to canverse vote for any candidate. I could not finish this video cos it’s waste of time and my precious data..

  2. The old man is just nothing but a disgrace to Nigeria 🇳🇬
    He should resign and saved some respect for his children. Nothing is moving in dat country ever since he took over power.

  3. Don’t worry APC is buying time. They are thinking of what they can use to distract the country from this tragedy , Buhari Kinsmen, Fulani Herdsmen has caused the people of Benue, and this entire country, his son had accident the wife almost died in hospital people shouting pray for them. How can u pray for this wicked people, 73 souls where killed and this man didn’t bothered to even step at their burial. Wait u want me to pray for the son or the family of the bereaved , imagines woman that lost her husband and two sons, they will soon distract us with fake news of 200 chiboks have just been released. The president is work my foot. Vote out this Daura wicked man. Let’s vote for any young man that comes out not Atiku and this Buhari, we the youths in this country are not cursed with Old men, we must reject them.

  4. I have been waiting to hear from u since thank u . na God go bless you. May that he son never return and even if he return he will lost his brain Buhari will employ a physiatrist for him because God no go sleep over the lives of people of Benue .

  5. No be the same you was insulting and laying causes on your brothers n sisters fighting for Biafra…. have you now seen the reason they are fighting to be on their own???

  6. Madam u b 2face…. Face of amadioha and that of Ezenmou…. U laid all sort of ungodly ulterances on people fighting for there freedom and here you are claiming of taken back votes… Go get ur face washed so we can identify the real u behind that mask…. Peace out ✌✌

  7. Wondering who’s side you on now? Are you consoling the dead or are you back on campaign trail for the 2019? What is your game plan now? Few months ago if I remember correctly you were on the high gear about how wonderful things were going Nigeria, but today I cannot make out your message.

  8. During Buhari campaign he said that he belong to nobody. But little did we know that he was indirectly telling us that He belongs to his Cows and that Y he doesn’t care for nobody pain except the pains of his cow.

  9. lols haha
    That is what you get when you close your mouth Buhari declared IPOB who never hurt any human emotion before a terrorist group….

    I feel the pains of those who lost their loved ones but it’s an eye opener to those who are against Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB

  10. This girl is like a nameless maggi. It is not good for cooking Stew, it is not good for cooking Soup. You can’t even use it to boil meat. You just leave it inside the cupboard.

  11. Amadi Cynthia I salute your courage for speaking up on the truth that we all regrettably know at this stage… and to everyone condemning her, it’s only human to make mistakes, but the ability to recognise your mistakes and apologies is definitely vital and should be cherished.

    Brethren, our core objectives are to condemn and find a lasting solution to all the evil unleashed on us by our politicians. Zimbabweans stood together and matched, surely if we can put our selfish interests aside and match in solidarity along side one another, maybe we can rescue our beloved nation and return it back to glory.

  12. U as a youth mobilized people to vote for a man without WAEC, a man that called a country West Germany? What got into you? The truth is that, we saw all these traces, some people saw them for who/what they were. How could a young woman like you fall for the evil and deceitful change? Sorry to burst your bubble, but you cant change anything neither will your rantings. To sum it up, those Benue people killed will NOT get justice from PMB/APC. If you truly want to right your wrong, then use same energy, passion and vigour that you used to campaigned for Mr. “I’m not aware”, use same to campaign against him and pray he doesnt return in 2019. Only then will those killed in Benue get Justice. Take heart baby oku.

  13. Buhari is the best thing to have happened to this country. But I have no time nor the inclination to try and explain how to bigots, ignoramuses and the criminally inclined brainwashed individuals who are castigating him here.

  14. Some people will develop high blood pressure when buhari still emerge as Nigerian president come 2019, the hatred u people have for him won’t change anything just chill and watch because whether u like it or not he will still be president the only option u people have is just to hug a transformer.

  15. Ntor…😝🤤 you’re now barking. When we were crying that these things are going to happen when #Buhari is voted to power in 2015 you went against the voice of God. I feel like voting for #Buhari in 2019 as a retaliation to those who brought this evil #Buhari upon us.

  16. The people of Benue have my sympathy ..nobody has d right to take anybody’s life….but my sista where were u when Benue people were been murdered under Jonathan… Let’s not politicize d death of this Innocent people

  17. First of all, I extend my condolences to all the families that lost their loved ones in Benue State of Nigeria. Buhari is a disaster and we shouldn’t expect much from him because he never promised anything during his presidential campaign except change. Killing of innocent people is also change because it’s new in Benue. I hold him responsible for all these killings in Benue because he should have reviewed grazing procedure in this country to stop constant killings of farmers whose crops are destroyed at all times.

  18. I blame our youths for all that is happening to Nigeria today. They were supposed to see visions and make the right choices but they rather dumped their vision and shared in the dreams of the elders. We have disappointed our generation

  19. With your mouth like a dog in the village, you never voted for Buhari. Your vote is not needed for his second term. Go and hang or return to Lybia to continue what you know best.

  20. And who are the other groups that have not done half what herdsmen are doing, hope she is not referring to IPOB. Anyway, she will face the Python dance very soon. Efcc, Fulani herdsmen, sars , DSS dogs, all the intimidators in Nigeria are coming for her for dare insulting sai baba.

  21. Whether you vote or not, Buhari shall complete his 2nd term, it is not a matter of argument…

    No amount of bitterness/insult can stop President Buhari from contesting and winning his 2nd bid…

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