VIDEO: A Fela Kuti video remix of “Beast of No Nation” targeted at President Muh…


VIDEO: A Fela Kuti video remix of “Beast of No Nation” targeted at President Muhammadu Buhari



  1. Buhari is a clueless President with no clarity and the greatest tragedy for a country looking out for leadership. A true leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way

  2. Buhari has always been a deadly extremist…just that Nigerians easily forget the past.

    If Abacha rise from dead today, Nigerians will still come out enmass to vote him..

  3. Let see if this nonsense will stop us from voting in 2019, I have my PVC ready come February 2019 I am going to vote for baba buhari, wailers and haters you say more than this in 2015 but you still lost.

  4. If you like campaign against him . As for me and my family , we shall vote for him come 2019 to do una back . when we rejected him una no greeeeee rather una say him be messiah . @buhari must finish what he has started ooooooo . Make una stop to dey cry oooooo . Buhari kill us finish oooooo . vote him 2019

  5. They say even when a child is standing tall he can’t see what his elders are seeing while seating down.
    Fela has warned Nigerians about Buhari b4, even in his death we are seeing the reality now of hardship and suffering why the gullible suffers and still smiling.
    Fella calls it suffering and smiling

  6. Bcos Fela sang d song doesnt mean fale was 100%right also. Looking at fela history he had d opportunity to be a better person but wasted it.
    I blame Nigerians 1st b4 any leader.
    Are we disciplined? No
    They will bring 1 bag of rice soon d song will change.
    Come to tink of it if buhari is not worth a leader give us a good option on ground now d following are a No
    Fayose yorubas wont vote him
    Atiku still No
    IBB No
    Igbos man double No No.
    That is d type. Of Nigeria we are.

  7. This song was released in the 80’s and we are now in 2018 and repeating it self. Nigerians we all have failed this Nation because we all brought this upon ourselves and if we keep on looking it will surely continue

  8. It is not in our culture to keep abusing over 70 years man in any tradition or culture BUT we can turn our culture to style by using our heads massively to vote for a pragmatic and patriotic youths who can turn all these dudes dreams to nightmare.
    The dream where you don’t have private schools and universities, the dream where no single private hospital exist. A dream where Shehu, Ayo and Chiamaka will partake in all facet of the governance. A dream where you can sleep with your windows opened.

  9. For me ,a political party that wasted whole 16 years and put Nigeria in reverse direction has no say when it comes to who lead in 2019. They are all crying for thier pocket. That’s my humble opinion.

  10. Expect more bloodshed in Benue, Bosso, Miyetti Allah leader warns

    Barely 48 hours after the mass burial of 73 victims of the recent herdsmen attacks in Benue, the National Vice President of Miyetti Allah Cattle Herders Association, Husaini Yusuf Bosso, has warned that more blood will be shed in the state if the anti-grazing law introduced by Governor Samuel Ortom is not completely scrapped.

  11. If after 35years that Fela sang this song & Mumu Nigerians still elected PMB, then..Nigerians are the real ‘Beasts of the Nation’ and Animals in human skins..
    Thank God am a #Biafran!

  12. Once a beast always a beast, only a beast will sit tight and watch his subjects been killed in cold blood and he won’t say anything or even act. The man call buhari, is a mistake that must be corrected. He don’t deserve to be president in any sane society, he’s a bloody vampire.

  13. Interesting piece . I love this song this song must have been released in 83 / 84. This music proved one thing that killings ,barbaric behaviour, indiscipline, bad leadership and mumu citizens has always been a norm and practice in Nigeria. So to edit the song to insult Buhari is a not fair. Buhari”s has failed just as any other administration before him failed. What makes Buhari”s failure so sad is because many put their trust in him with the hope that he was going to disregard the control the cabals but it seesm he is not strong enough to rise above them . I think the question to ask is who is that viable candidate(s) that Nigerians want to use their almighty pvc to vote in come 2019 ? Our problem is beyond not wanting Buhari to win in 2019.

  14. Some people can be crazy. See how they edited this song as if Fela sang that song for Buhari only. They did worst campaign against him in 2015, he still won that election. No amount of campaign of calumny will make majority of the people not to vote him again. PDP apologist and looters of of our common wealth stop wasting ur energy.

  15. Is saharah reporters regretting their action for campaigning for Buhari in 2015? Don’t tell me not to vote for him in 2019 oh because I am going to make sure I vote him to repay the sufferings you guys caused Nigerians by assisting him to win in 2015

  16. The Truth can never die….
    Oga Jonathan may not be perfect, but he is the must humble president Nigeria have ever produced.
    The rejected stone that have become chief corner stone, Congratulation as APC failure have make Millions of Nigerian remember your good works.
    He allowed Massive looting like APC said, but there was business growing everywhere in the country even commoner like Peters Etametite, Murtala Gosho and Funsho Jimoh buy and sale with little fund with them, and was feeding fine.
    Today we have” animal Buhari” as president, he and his APC gang loot alone, while the poor masses are dying of hunger and stavation.
    No….jupiter can make me believe in the lies they are speculating about you GEJ.
    They claim to be saints but see how miserable the country has turned to in just 3 years !! God bless Great Nigeria

  17. Buhari must be re-elected in 2019. Buhari is the wind of change, and the real win of change will take place after he has been re-elected for second term. Benue state must give Buhari their full support to experience more win of change 😜

    Sai Baba…… Sai Buhari………

    You guys haven’t seen anything yet in Nigeria. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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