“Vegan food is no longer seen as just a bit of lettuce and lentils.”🥬 From meat…


“Vegan food is no longer seen as just a bit of lettuce and lentils.”🥬

From meat-free burgers to sausage rolls, the vegan fast food industry is booming. But what’s behind the trend? 🍔




  1. “Seeing large multinational corporations getting in board with vegan..” Of course they are, it’s new way to make even more money. And more chemicals to feed to people in the form of “healthy alternatives:

  2. Vegan fast food is still processed unhealthy food! Just because it comes with the label “vegan” doesn’t mean it’s going to help your health. If you follow vegan, for optimal health, it should be all natural non processed food (exception of fortified food) with supplements to ensure all vitamin intake is met. Just as if you follow plant based with some animal products, it should still be all natural non processed for optimal health.

  3. What concerns me about this is that many vegans choose to be so in order to cause less damage to the environment. However, this type of vegan food still required packaging, often of the plastic variety, transportation costs and the associated pollution, and a large use of energy (i.e. electricity and gas) in the preparation process. Okay, it is beneficial to animal welfare, but is not necessarily better for the environment in general.

  4. Even though veganism lowers the carbon footprint… what they replace their animal products with is well… plastic. Is not fur its plastic, it’s not leather its plastic, it’s not gmo its wrapped in plastic to keep it fresh.

  5. Veganisum isn’t just about food, people make that mistake.

    It’s about caring for the biosphere of the planet to.

    Not only is it a gentler wave of life it’s also aims to support the planets biosphere.

    Rejection of all industries which survive by exploitation of the animal kingdom extends way beyond diet.

  6. Veganism isn’t about health, so not sure why that’s even relevant. You can eat incredibly healthy as a Vegan or not at all because it’s ultimately for the animals — to not support needlessly enslaving and killing them.

  7. I am coming from the future with the news that researches found out everybody was wrong, and vegan food isn’t healthy after all. Mainly because it is just another processed food.

  8. When the burger shop guy says “we are the healthy stuff” that kinda suggest other-meat containing-products aren’t. That’s not true. But eat the same vegan burger day in, day out and I guarantee you’ll get sick no matter how “healthy” it is.

  9. a doctor told me that there is proof that human needs to eat meat for a nutrient which helps repair the body. when people told me that all huge animals are herbivore. my reply is always “whales?”


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