#UPDATE: Femi Gbajabiamila: Pleaded Guilty To Stealing $25,000 In Georgia, Now …


#UPDATE: Femi Gbajabiamila: Pleaded Guilty To Stealing $25,000 In Georgia, Now Seeking To Be The Speaker Of Nigeria House Of Representatives
Femi Gbajabiamila, a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives, currently seeking election to lead the Lower Chamber of the National Assembly despite being found guilty of a crime by the US Supreme Court of Georgia in February 2007.
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  1. People get the government they deserve. A corrupt society cannot produce a clean government. A clean environment can hardly hide a dirty cloth.
    Stop screaming, Nigeria is bad for a reason.

  2. Sahara reporter is like our efcc; very very partial. This is the reason why we will never succeed in this corruption fighting. No more Bukola Saraki in your post everyday this time will be Gbajabiamila all through this 4 years tenure. If i may ask why didn’t you sahara get us this information in he’s first tenure?

  3. Liars. Where is the clip? The link you shared yesterday has no audio. It baffles me that same Femi contested against Dogara in 2015, then you were ignorant if this your allegation or what?
    Deal with it, Femi is our next Speaker. Prepare more dossier on his “criminal” acts that’ll keep you busy for the next 4 years.

  4. If someone who had been banned from entering America for some years could contest for presidential post in Nigeria, I don’t see reason why SR will be spreading this tentative news of innocent Gbajamiala. Meanwhile, why have been mute about Sowore’s embezzlement of AAC’s funds.

  5. Dear Sahara reporters, your sponsors know it clearly that Gbajabiamila is the next speaker of the house of representatives. So, your last minutes propaganda doesn’t hold water. Pls, let them pay you for another dirty job as usual.

  6. What qualifies him as member of house representative for that numbers of years from Lagos State qualify him as Speaker of Federal Republic of Nigeria.
    Stop the hate publicity.
    Stop attacking his personality.
    He is our next Speaker in the 9th assembly In Sha Allah.


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