UNCOVERED: 769 Civil Servants Working With ‘Fake And Forged Certificates’ In Osu…


UNCOVERED: 769 Civil Servants Working With ‘Fake And Forged Certificates’ In Osun | Sahara Reporters

In some cases, as discovered in the verification process, some of the affected workers used another person’s result, while some forged their secondary and post secondary schools results to secure job in the civil service.

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  1. Getting work in government is all about connection not qualification. That’s Nigeria for you.. A country built on fraud cannot deliver a better result.

    We have a Fraudulent contradictory booklet we call Constitution, how can we get rid of fraud as a Nation?

  2. The state that has been paying half salaries all this while immediately the Governor heard the 30k new minimum wages the next level is to reduce the work force .

  3. And these are the same people that will criticize the government as owing salaries. They will further raise the noise of not voting the government . Our problems are not external, we are the real cause. God save us.

  4. Why always Osun APC ?. Whenever they have money issues with the State workers that’s when they find ghost workers and their decision is to sacks numbers of civil servants, anyway, posterity will judge them in the end.

  5. When festus keyamo have already told nigerians indirectly that their wassce is of no use,they should just gather small cash and sue their commission to court and make keyamo their lawyer.

  6. That’s festered corruption within Nigeria society manifesting itself. What a shame and pit looking for a job one is not qualified by force and with criminal intention!.

    Sack them and prosecute them speedily.

  7. I can tell u that government that is looking for away to dismiss workers are those that don’t want to work. If u look at their appointments it will b people with no vision. Ok, when they dismissed d workers, d Federal derivations will not reduce and they will not use the money for anything meaningful.

  8. That is the ones u know about,many without certificates are in serveral corridor of power,believe me. Screen most of those that are working in high position in both National Assembly and the Presidency and u will be surprised at your discovery,that is why they are arrogant,rude and most times wicked and deny the rest of us the good things of interest.


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