UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has: • lost his first commons vote as PM • lost…


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has:
• lost his first commons vote as PM
• lost his majority in Parliament
• lost control of Parliament today

(via BBC Politics)



  1. Johnson says:
    “If MPs vote TO STOP NEGOTIATIONS, I’ll have to call an election”

    When the reason all the Tory MPs rebelled was because they went to him to get detail on what negotiations were going on, and had what we all knew confirmed, that THERE ARE NO NEGOTIATIONS.

    He lies as easily as he breathes.

    We’ve got a PM that openly lies to the public and lies to Parliament.

  2. The people of this country are waiting and watching. We are watching our disgraceful politicians tear up their promises to us and in the process tear up our Democracy. We are silently waiting while Bercow and Corbyn ally together with traitors from all parties to derail our vote and to deliver us to their EU paymasters. We watch as media pundits trash the people of this country and support Remain at every opportunity. We wait, patiently for a General Election and then we will roar!

  3. Put the lot of them in prison for not doing their jobs as the majority of British people asked. They take the money from us and couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. It’s Treason.

  4. Democracy in this country is an illusion. How did we ever get to a point where we cannot trust politicians to implement the results of votes? Up until now it has been a given. How do we know politicians will even allow the implementation of a General Election result they don’t like? This is now the people vs parliament, as parliament drags our country through the gutter.

  5. A Tale of Two Johnsons:

    In Boswell’s Life of Johnson he labors to write a complete new dictionary and is honored for it.

    Boris Johnson can’t even define one word, Brexit, successfully.

  6. No I do not think that interpretation is true. The speaker allowed them to take control only to pass a no-deal exit motion & to prepare a bill to be sent to the Lords. It is only for few days. I do not think the majority has much impact on fixed term parliaments,especially when the MPs are not willing to back an opposition leader except for preparation of a bill to block no-deal exit, (which is already covered in the current Brexit bill that is in place, which is part of the law of the land). He has lost nothing.

  7. Politicians that refuse to deliver brexit should be sacked for defying a majority vote and consider themselves lucky our prisons are too overcrowded to house all the traitors of the people! If this was happening in China or South Africa or some place similar we would be condemning a government that is operating an obvious dictatorship by ignoring a legitimate referendum!

  8. Take no deal off the table and the EU have no reason to negotiate. They will say it’s May’s deal, take it or leave it, and we will leave it, because it is worse than remaining, and could be very damaging for this Country. It shackles us to the EU without a say in the rules imposed on us, for an indefinite period, and with no get out clause. Madness!

  9. So we know what they don’t want but we don’t know what they do want, a deal albeit dodgy was voted down three times, they are scared stiff of a general election. So an impasse. The only good thing yesterday was a slight draining of the swamp with 21 traitors being removed

  10. The House is meant to be a represention for the people. This is no longer true clearly. I just wonder what would have happened if the Remainers had won and Brexiteers refused to accept the referendum result too?

  11. From the outside looking in (have been following it since day 1) and coming in peace: I think people voted on the day with a set of understanding which has unfortunately not been completely accurate or true
    – I think at the time of the vote, the message from Gove/Johnson and others was that an agreement would be the easiest thing in the world to do
    – a no-deal Brexit was never contemplated by the brexiters (or most)
    – the impact to the Irish border was never discussed or adequately contemplated (incl Good Friday Agreement).
    – the impact to cross border trade
    – while some brexiters may agree that “Brexit is Brexit”, not every brexiteer may concur.

    I think whether the opposition is trying to engineer a new referendum or not, the key thing should be to understand what it really is that all of you are voting for.

    Best wishes

  12. We have had numerous remain demonstrations on the streets, please be aware that we have not seen any Leave demonstrations. Should we not leave the EU, you will be seeing Leave demonstrations on the streets.

  13. The BBC can hardly contain themselves!! The only “coup” was parliament handing over the uks future to brussels We have just witnessed the death of democracy I’m afraid The whole lot of them promised to honour the referendum and now here they are firmly handing over power to brussels and telling the GB public that their vote didnt count Those tory 21 mps should be deselected immediately if their constituencies voted leave Ashamed to be british today Who represents me now ? Certainly not parliament.

  14. This is ridiculously undemocratic. We voted to LEAVE. Meanwhile Europe laughs in our faces. I am Embarrassed to be British, all of these politicians are making fools of ordinary working people.

  15. I’m so fed up with the discontinuation of Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, did I say Brexit !!!!? Why not have an election, add another question remain or leave and bloody follow through regardless. What a mess.

  16. How can MP’s just up and change parties, they were voted in by their constituency as representing them under the party they stood for. So shouldn’t it have to go back to a vote at local election and the MP’s that change party should have no vote in Government until if they are revoted to represent their constituency. They just seem to do what they want and not who they are representing.


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