UK PM Boris Johnson says he will ask MPs to approve an early general election, i…


UK PM Boris Johnson says he will ask MPs to approve an early general election, if they vote on Wednesday to block a no-deal Brexit.




  1. What’s the point giving the public the right to vote if the government of the day does not take any notice of it. The country voted to leave the EU why dose it have to keep going on. The UK 🇬🇧 wants to leave the EU so why are we so concerned about marking a deal with them. They need us more than we need them. The EU are afraid that once we leave other countries might follow. A general election is not going to sort anything out with the EU it will just delay it for even longer. You asked the public what they wanted and its down to the government to follow through. 👍

  2. General election is a complete waste of time and taxpayers. It doesn’t deal with the urgent matter at hand ( Brexit).

    Mrs May tried the same thing in 2017 general election, but nothing has been achieved.

    “Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results”-Albert Einstein

  3. We all know they are going to vote against the motion for a GE tomorrow – because those that keep trying to prevent Brexit know full well that the voting public will not vote for them and they will have to leave the gravy train

  4. Our country has become ungovernable and has been made an embarrassment in the eyes of the world .

    The rebels have bought this country to its knees after three long years of plotting , scheming and totally prepared to wreck their own party.
    They have ignored the democratic will of the people , they want Armageddon in stead of delivering what the majority voted for …

    Their disloyalty , detestable betrayal of their own leader , party and voters is reprehensible!

    It is time to make the final call , call their bluff and rid the traitorous rabid rebels from the commons.
    No leader no matter who he or she is can run anything with a baying mob stabbing them in the back and supporting the opposition !

    Clear the lot out and restore some discipline …this interminable fiasco can not continue…

  5. The one great positive out of tonights events is that at long last we know where each political leader stands with regards to executing Article 50 cleanly … It’s been three-long years, but we’re there at last.

    ‘In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”
    — Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    … Amen 😉

  6. Instead of ANOTHER General election….maybe an idea just to have a new referendum about the actual issue at hand?
    Seems like a insanely simple solution to see where the people stand at the moment.

  7. Corbyn what a coward. Calling over and over again for an election but now his lost his bottle. Says everything about him.

    Can’t wait for the election, Brexit Party in the Houses of Parliament, oh to be a fly on the wall 😂😂

  8. brilliant call election to get majority with help of farage repeal bills leave on 31 st the perfect storm well done boris and respect to jrm for his superior slouch on the benches awesome 👏 lol

  9. I am so proud of all the MPs who didn’t back down from their true beliefs even though I sure some of the arm twisting tactics were at times more tempting. Well done to you for sticking to your guns!

  10. I hope the way is slowly but surely leading to revocation of A 50. When leavers voted to leave they did NOT vote for a chaotic, economically disastrous No Deal; nor did they understand that the Best Deal by far is as a full voting member of the EU.

  11. Just delaying the inevitable,in the next general election, labor will be obliterated, the conservatives will align themselves with the Brexit party and will have an insurmountable majority, some people just cannot take no for an answer.


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