Two Killed, Three Injured As ‘Herdsmen’ Raid Ekiti Community | Sahara Reporters …


Two Killed, Three Injured As ‘Herdsmen’ Raid Ekiti Community | Sahara Reporters

“Some herders called Bororo stormed the farmstead and shot these innocent people,” one resident said. “They came around 1am and were there till dawn. Our farmers are all afraid to go their farmsteads. They all rushed to the palace of Oba Ebenezer Agboola Ogungbemi, the Olu of Iyemero Ekiti, to take refuge.”




  1. *Instead of telling the police that armed robbers were operating in my compound I called them and said yahoo boys were dragging out bags with loads of cash…. My brother in less than 2 minutes the police arrived and found the truth for themselves. Sense no go kill me*😁😂😂😂😂😂

  2. What do you expect? His Excellency, Governor Peter Ayodele Fayose has left the scene. Security is broken down. Fayemi will never have the guts and courage to call Fulani herdsmen to order.

  3. Very good, karma has caught up with them. Fayose warned them but they won’t listen, the fayemi they voted for promised to create cattle colony for his slave masters

  4. What is more important in life than the assurance that you have the right to live ?Fayose no good o o o! PDP no good o o o! Na Fayemi and APC good .Four yrs of next level! Ekiti sorry o .You will sleep with one eyes open till nature salvage the situations, OK?

  5. Everywhere in Nigeria now, if you don’t hear killed, you will hear injured or shot dead.

    Human lives is reduced to zero value everywhere…..

    Nigerians are living in fear and panic,and the government cannot help?
    So sad.

  6. Serves Ekiti right, what of all the laws put in place by Fayose. This is morning yet. Any govt that places party affiliation far & above the welfare of her citizenry is bound to fail.

  7. Am happy that many people can see that Fayose solved the herders-farmers clash in Ekiti and the present governor might not be up to the task, my question is if Fayose can solve it why can’t Benue governor solve his?

    Here we r praising Fayose and blaming Fayemi but why do we blame Buhari and not Ortom for Benue state issue?

  8. Ekiti must renegotiate the anti grazing law passed by Fayose regime that’s the signal they passing maybe you don’t understand the game by now … off course it will be very easy their man is in charge as the governor

  9. When fayose was governor, there were no headsmen activities in Etiti state but you people still vote for buhari for the second time…make una ejoy them…una never see anything yet

  10. Who disbanded Fayose’s Hunters Association? Fayemi & other APC governors should not trade with the lives of Yorubas for 2023, else they pay heavily for their selfish plans. Bororos cannot be killing our people and governors will be begging FG to help. Fayose did not beg FG to solve the problems.
    Besides, how can bororos be killing you and you rushed to oba’s palace, for what? Most of our obas have sold their consciences and they have sold the rights of their subjects to mbororos. So next time, leave your obas out of it, organise yourself and defend yourself. You don’t have any place to run to.


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