Trump: We Won’t Watch While Christians Die | Sahara Reporters The President of…


Trump: We Won’t Watch While Christians Die | Sahara Reporters

The President of the United State has said that his government will not condone the killing of Christians in Nigerian, saying his government will work on solving the problem




  1. If u think trump will send troops to Nigeria to help anyone out pls examine yourself well. He is making a political statement.. We are the once that will solve our own problems

  2. When judgement day Comes I’m going to make sure I go to HEAVEN with NIGERIA FLAG so that God will know that I have already been through HELL in the hands of my POLITICIANS

  3. He said it that they are not gonna take it yeai heard it but what adeyrmi Joseph said was in fact may be right it might be political statement as smart man or maybe work out issues pls blind folks who don’t have TV or radio should not comment pls

  4. since sowore is contesting then sahara news can’t be trusted again. show us the video instead where and when he said that. you guys should pull each other together.

  5. Pls what did Buhari sign? Hope he has not sold Nigerians for Tukano Jets oh..some body who can’t read will be leading a country with professors? Pls, Oga time up..

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  7. Buhari’s visit is still unfolding.Mark my words the deep things are not out yet.If these are the only thing he went to America to hear he was derided/belittled by Trump and wasted taxpayer’s money.Ok let him invite Trump to Nigeria and see if Trump will come


    Almost all the newspapers, electronic media and online news portals today were awash with the news of the arrest of the kingpin or mastermind of (most) of the killings that have been happening in Benue State under the cover of “Fulani Herdsmen”, and the man is reported as a confirmed “Boko Haram” escapee who got appointed as Special Adviser to Governor Samuel Ortom!

    Whatever motivated Governor Samuel Ortom to appoint him as his Special Adviser cannot be divined by me here, but it is very easy for me to wager that the killings in Benue State have been very profitable for four groups of people:

    1. Governor Samuel Ortom who has nothing to show for his 2019 reelection campaign except to provoke sympathy votes on the basis of killings in his state by “Fulani Herdsmen”!

    2. Closely following Governor Samuel Ortom in the benefits list are the ” Burial Business Contractors” (BBC) in Benue State! There are allegations that mass burials have become a very profitable business in Benue State, especially in the wake of the well staged mass burial of the “71 coffins” said to be victims of “Fulani Herdsmen” attacks in January this year. It’s alleged that Governor Samuel Ortom spent about 250 million naira for that particular mass burial. When you do your simple maths by dividing 250 million by 71 coffins you will know how much it costed to bury just one coffin!

    So you can easily see that these Burial Business Contractors (BBC) will want this “profitable” business to continue just like those who sell coffins on the roadsides always want people to die so that they can sell!

    3. The third group on the benefits list are the chronic ethno-religious bigots who will always clutch at any straw or any sinking debris to let off steam temporarily by venting their bigotry and lies against President Muhammadu Buhari as the architect and head of the killings in their “Christian Middle Belt”. To this group, the killings by “Fulani Herdsme

  9. Dear CNN’s Christian Amanpour, please help Nigeria to interview our president. He is in your country at the moment.
    He has barred all media Houses from interviewing him.
    He has not been interveiwed since December 2015.
    Because journalist have the capability of asking vital question that affects hundred of million peoples.

  10. Trump,did not makes such statement and if did then show us the video. Americans have gone far in politics and Democracy,unlike the Local champions, those who always insight religion issues into politics like CAN.


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