Thousands gathered to observe the flames engulfing Notre-Dame in silence. Others…


Thousands gathered to observe the flames engulfing Notre-Dame in silence. Others sung hymns and whispered prayers.



  1. Every time this comes up every other post, I well up with tears. So much precious history is gone, and even when rebuilt, will hold solemn thought but it will never be the same! 😭

  2. Twelve Apostle and Four Evangelist Statues Around Spire

    During the first restoration of the cathedral, some 450 years after it was built, Eugène -Emmanuel Violl e t- le -Duc sculpted the 12 apostles and four evangelists in copper looking out over the city of Paris circling the 300-foot spire.

    UPDATE/CORRECTION: The statues were removed for cleaning just two days before the fire and are safe.

  3. My heart breaks for all Christians who looked to this beautiful & sacred building as a place of peace, prayer & worship. Today is a day of mourning & sorrow, for the irreplaceable history, art & literature forever lost to the world.

  4. What did it take to bring people together to build Notre Dame? It has lasted longer than many of the skyscraping towers of London, New York, La Defence, Tokyo, Shanghai and elsewhere will. What was it: at a time when populations were far far smaller and technology far far less developed? How was it Europe’s Cathedrals were built? What did the masons and carpenters and sculptors and architects and those that supported them in smithys and farms and bakeries and beyond share in common? What does it take to create Cathedrals that last for centuries? And what have those Cathedrals meant to lives in Europe and the rest of the world? To the newly born? to the soon-to-be-married? to the dying? those those left behind? To the visiting friends? To the visiting families? To over-eager warriors? to returning soldiers after years of losing comrades? To the sick? To those whose faith has been lost – or been close to extinction? What brought those medieval men and women and children together and committed them to give up huge parts of their lives, and years, to create Cathedrals rather than continue as they were? Why Cathedrals? And what have ours become?

  5. We are with you, France.
    Such a beautiful monument. So peaceful and sacred. I lost my grandfather the year I saw the Notre dame. I prayed for him inside and my soul felt lighter. My heart breaks that this happens

  6. Very sad but through such tragedy people come together X May the real church in France ( that is the people not just the building ) be restored as well . In our modern secular society many feel that they do not need God but He is always there for us . This beautiful church we build by people of faith so let the faith be restored too.

  7. As much as I am so sorry this beautiful Cathedral has been so badly damaged. I just wish we all felt the same about our beautiful planet. We can rebuild a church, we cannot build our planet once it has been destroyed.

  8. I was in Paris in 2017 and went past Notre Dame church. Was driving to Fontainebleau. Due to time constraints, I thought I should visit next time. Shocked that this has happened. Doubt it can be restored to its original state. France is a beautiful beautiful country ..for its people, their love for art and culture. It’s sad this has happened. But again human history tells us many many stories of fires damaging great monuments. Perhaps due to technology advancements we can learn how the fire was caused and hopefully prevent such accidents in future.


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