This straight British couple have won their legal bid to have a civil partnershi…


This straight British couple have won their legal bid to have a civil partnership instead of getting married.



  1. Just get married in a register office. Not sure what the difference is. Maybe they are thinking they will get divorced and it will be easier. Mmmm. Great faith in each other.

  2. Look at all the interactions from people pointing out a typo. BBC don’t have a great deal of credibility to lose anyway so well done on helping a BBC article circulate around news feeds. Pretty sure they know what they are doing, and will later edit their post.

  3. So what is the difference between a civil partnership and getting married? You get all the legal protections over children without being legally married? (I am an American, so pardon my ignorance!)

  4. What’s the difference between a civil partnership and a marriage for heterosexual couple. Ignorant 54 year old hetrosexual woman married for 26 years can someone please explain. I seem to think the rights are the same.

  5. He says “we are life partners” well get married you muppet. How much has this cost the taxpayer?
    Someone explain the difference for a heterosexual couple to be married or in a civil partnership?
    Obviously they want their 15 mins of fame.

  6. The future is here! No more down on one knee asking for marriage, a name change, and entering into a one-size-fits-all family law arrangement. Now it’s “will you enter into a partnership with me”? “Yes”. “Great let’s go to attorney Jones and we will negotiate the terms”.

  7. I applaud this… I would never get married as I resent everything about the institution… The religious connotations… The pomp… The cringe-worthy groom’s outfit… The drunk guests… The ghastly music, etc. Of course, you can dispense with all of the above, even if you choose to get married, but it remains that the concept of marriage was first mooted at a time when there was no such thing as secularism. A civil partnership is a secular concept, and one that agrees with me a lot more, so it should be my basic civil right to opt for that kind of setup.

  8. The research shows that children are best raised in loving homes where their physical, mental, and emotional needs are met. Has nothing to do with relationship status, gender, or number of caretakers 🙂

  9. I love this and I think it could go a step further. Give marriage to god. Ie to religious institutions. Civil partnerships should be all that matters, and enough, under the law.

  10. I don’t know how it works in the UK, but being in a domestic partnership allows me some of the protections of marriage without taking on the burden of my BF’s student loan debt.

  11. I like this idea. I am from the US and I’m not entirely sure of the state by state laws in civil partnerships but i don’t see why it shouldn’t be allowed to benefit from the same legal things that a marriage does. If they love one another than why not? They share thier life together already.

  12. I’m an American, and I’m not sure what the value is in having a civil partnership vs a marriage? I do of course know that in the States, queer folk worked hard to get marriage equality so that they could not only have the same social standing, but the legal privileges as well. I’m, of course, pro equal rights of all parties, but I’m wondering what is the gain in simply having a civil partnership? Is there more to it? I am truly wondering, I am sure that there is a reason. If the only reason is to have equality, I’m satisfied with that. But I’m sure there is something I am missing.

  13. One has to say that if the civil partnership had been handled properly and been made available to hetrosexuals as well as same sex couples there would have been no need for all this now .an opertunity lost i would say not to mention the cost to taxpayers.

  14. What about civil partnerships for siblings who live together? I think it is very unfair that they cannot take advantage of the benefits. When one dies the other has to pay death duties and most have to sell their home.

  15. But, what’s the difference between being in a legal civil partnership and marriage.? I mean, why would they need to have a legal partnership to live together? Can’t they just live together in one place and that’s it..?! or why marriage is so bad to them?


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