This Lady wants to show you something Lol


This Lady wants to show you something Lol



  1. I hope you guys noticed those points on her chest like I did. It’s 2points. Just reminded me that Chelsea could not secure at least 2points from their last 2games. Chelsea fans please don’t take it personal, I am only sharing your pains. 😂😂

  2. gossip mill, too early for this jare..


    Dear person reading this, As You Step Out This Morning Your Feet Will Lead You To Your Promised Land, Where You’ll Experience Peace, Favour, Blessings, Abundance, And Joy Unspeakable Shall Be Your Portion Today IJN

  3. 😂 😂
    A penis tells its testicles:”My good friend this evening,we are invited to a party where we are all going to enjoy ourselves”. And the testicles responded, :”You are a big liar.Everytime we go to a party, you enter alone and leave us outside knocking and kicking the door like idiots while you are busy enjoying the warmth and comfort inside. Afterwards, you come out drunk, vomiting and fall asleep not even minding to narrate to us how nice it was inside”.You are very selfish!!!!
    Not my handwriting ooo

  4. Let’s start our day wit a prayer jor…
    IJN father. we tank u 4 ur guidance and protection in
    our life during the night, father is not because we are
    righteous or worthy but it is for your love so we say
    tank u
    Father we hand over the day and our activities into
    your mighty hands we pray that every evil
    enchantment orchestrated from the pit of hell shall
    Neva make manifest in our life in Jesus Name
    All we will see is a day free of accident and
    violence and the divine favour and blessings of our
    lord Jesus chest in our life ijn…

  5. #BROTHERS, if your lady calls another guy “sweety, bae, boo, baby”, trust me, there is 98% chance that it’s nothing…
    But you see that one she is calling “big head”?
    Thats the potential threat, KILL HIM, i repeat, KILL HIM!!

  6. *Ways of breaking up with your lover before Valentine….*
    1. 16 Missed Calls? You Killed My Battery so
    you’re Capable of Killing Me… It’s Over!!!
    2.You don’t even respect me. I’m talking and
    you are busy breathing? It’s over!
    3.I called you and you picked up immediately.
    You lack patience. It’s over!!
    4. I told u I love my food hot but you refused to
    warm the ice cream. You don’t care about me.
    It’s over!
    5.I gave u 2 eggs, to boil one and fry the other.
    You fried the one you were supposed to boil
    and boiled the one you were supposed to fry.
    You are not obedient, It’s over!
    6.I call u DARLING and you called me HONEY.
    Indirectly, you’re calling my mother a BEE. No
    respect for in- laws, pack your bags. its over
    7. You are sweeping my house with a broom
    when u know am a PDP member, its over…..pack and go and meet Buhari!!!!

  7. Don’t mind this early morning post the devil is trying to use and distract u this morning…..may unending favours locate you today as u go out IJN Amen🙏🏾

  8. Actually my phone can’t view the video but I think the girl has no right to beat up her boyfriend in the public.maybe the should report the matter to the village elders. but if the neighbor refuse to pay the rent,the should just kill the landlord and forget about the missing car

  9. One kidney in Malaysia is #45m, sell one kidney then use #40m to play bet9ja with 2 odds to win #80m. Use #45m to replace your kidney,life goes on with #40m left. U can now live comfortably,
    Sense will not kill me

    #la… Post… La copy
    😂 😂 😂 😂

  10. How can this kinda video ends immediately when she turns are back, that’s the awkward moment I almost bend my phone to see her pant.. 😀😀 this girl future has been exchanged for bathroom soap..

  11. Hypocrites !

    But if na Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Cardi B or Beyonce dey dance braless, una go turn deaf and dumb !

    I like this babe jare !
    Also the breast got to breathe atimes.
    To her haters, Ngwanu go and tag Don Jazzy.


    Dem say Boko Haram don poison beans after I buy half bag for house.

    From the one wey I cook, I give my dog, Bingo, make im first test am.

    45mins later, bingo still dey waka, dey jolly. Na im I come chop my own.

    After I don chop finish, my gateman run come tel me say bingo don die.

    Hey! I run enter house, begin drink full gallon of palm oil for my belle, chop 22 bitter kola wit 3 long bitter leaf stem, chop walnuts with the shell no time to crack, swallow moringa with aloe vera as treatment combo. Garlic and onions be like sweet for my mouth.

    I come dey sweat as if na oven be my bedroom. I dey think say my life don finish. I come outside.

    Na im gate man com they tell me say the driver wey kill bingo wan come beg me!

    If na u, wetin u go do the gate man? ????

    Pls don’t laugh alone…..

  13. Wow 😯 I love this one ☝️ Abeg… Even without bra; everything dey shake well.. I love the boobs though. Gossip mill I love you guys for always bringing this slay queens to our door step… Not my hand 🤚 writing ✍️ ooh …

  14. Laugh carry me for my kneels because i nor understand y person way say she done mature go do all this kind things way den nor dey pay you put just to receive insult ……SHE NOR EVEN TRY SHE FOR NECKED THAT WILL MORE BETTER……..U BE BEG

  15. Some day, all these videos you are uploading now! You will regret it! And it will be difficult to take back! Some ladies don’t think b4 they act! Hope you get the attention you are looking for…..

  16. Scam….

    Don’t waste ur mb …I repeat don’t waste ur mb…learn from me😥😥😥

    D girl did not show us anything…. 😥😥 D only thing there is dat she did not wear bra inside….but she was lucky to wear pant.😥😥😥

  17. The girl is not that bad,if her stupid confidence is paining your eyes….. Just go to your Facebook wall click on the search icon and type Bible! You will see a lot of Bible pages,then keep liking ll the pages.. Thank me later.


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