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I’m really not insulting you by any means, but you being so damn triggered says a lot about your mindset. Local Bitcoins isn’t going to drive worldwide adoption and growth. It requires people to actively seek others and like I made clear in the last point do so while already possessing knowledge of these technologies.

It’s not an assumption that the vast majority of 70+ year old people don’t fucking use Bitcoin. It’s a fact. Same goes for knowing what it is, how to use it, or even wanting to use it. This also applies to people of essentially every age group, demographic, and nation. The numbers are abysmal for knowledge about BTC & crypto, and even worse for actual users. That said, I agree there is MASSIVE potential within the realm of un//underbanked populations. You may want to see my other post for my thoughts on that, if you take a sec to stop hurling insults and discuss things amicably my guy.

Local BTC sure as hell has helped out in places like Argentina, where Bitcoin has arguably had some of its most real world impacts. I’d suggest you give Popper’s book a read through if you haven’t. I still would hold BTC over most other projects, but not because it’s going to become the world’s digital currency. There are other projects that have merit in the space, Stellar included. (I see you’re in the VET boat), so maybe you’re more open than I ~assumed~



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