This is the moving moment BBC Test Match Special’s Jonathan Agnew read an emotio…


This is the moving moment BBC Test Match Special’s Jonathan Agnew read an emotional letter about how one cricket fan spent the final hours of his life listening to coverage of England Cricket.



  1. More than a programme.
    I know many people whose physical environment is greatly limited but whose imagination is liberated by “watching” cricket as visualised with and by the TMS team. You are medicine for the mind.

  2. Well certainly brought a tear to the eyes. Absolutely lovely. Reminded me of my late Mother who loved listening to TSM and would often wake up in the middle of the night to inform of of the latest score when we were playing in Oz ❤️

  3. “When an old cricketer leaves the crease, you never know whether he’s gone
    If sometimes you’re catching a fleeting glimpse of a twelfth man at silly Mid-on
    And it could be Geoff and it could be John with a new ball sting in his tail
    And it could be me and it could be thee and it could be the sting in the ale, sting in the ale.”

  4. No greater announcing teams than those of Test Match Special. It is remarkable how much we are all alike in the world. I too sat at silly o clock with my ears glued to the Stereo system (as we called it in the West Indies) at the lowest possible volume so as not to wake anyone, listening to Clive Lloyd and Viv Richards take on Dennis Lillee, Geoff Lawson. My Dad walking in at 4 Am to declare an early end to the day’s play. May Patrick’s father Rest In Peace.


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