This is the first look inside Notre-Dame cathedral after a fire destroyed much o…


This is the first look inside Notre-Dame cathedral after a fire destroyed much of its iconic exterior.



  1. So heartbreaking to see such an iconic beautiful old building go up in flames. Well done to all of the amazing firefighters for saving a lot of it. Thank goodness the stunning rose windows survived 💔

  2. Notre-Dame de Paris is saved by now, still standing, still alive, she survived…..partially damaged but miraculously saved by firefighters…..Alleluia ❤️❤️❤️

  3. From what I’ve seen, it destroyed the roof and spire, but most of the exterior is okay. The initial inspection showed the rose windows and organ intact. The bells may be okay. You can see the altar piece, which appears okay (though will have to be inspected). The wooden pews and even the candles seem largely unharmed. They have removed some artwork that was smoke damaged to the Louvre for repair and storage.

    Tremendous work by the firefighters.

  4. So very sad – all that history, artwork and the amazing skills of those who designed and crafted this world icon now gone, as we knew it. Hopefully, some of the original interior can be reconstructed, but using modern building materials. Such a symbolic part of Paris.

  5. A miracle from fire fighters, heroes all, for saving a semblance of the iconic Cathedral. The world was holding its breath and praying, for the safety of the brave heroes and salvage of some
    magnitude. Amen.

  6. Yes its sad this ionic building has burned, but thank god no one died ,all that money being donated to rebuild.brings me to the poor people of the Grenfield tower block in London. People died, have serious health issues and survivors still have not got homes near their families for support been made to move out of the area. So let’s put it into perspective Notra Dame was just a old religious building that made the catholic church money in donations from visitors.

  7. When I dropped in at Paris by transfer last December, I took a walk along the Seine to the Notre Dame Cathedral.
    Next time I wanted to see it slowly …
    It is very disappointing.

  8. It may have gone but like a Phoenix from the flames it will rise again from the ashes … harsh as it is at least no one was inside and no serious injuries … wood can be re added at least most of it survived

  9. Extensive damage is one thing; burned to the ground is another. So much was saved, and that is amazing. Every single one of the firefighters and emergency service personnel deserves the highest honor that France confers. What heroes! Thank you. ❤️


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