“This is my party… I am going to defend it against entryists who care nothing …


“This is my party… I am going to defend it against entryists who care nothing about its future.”

Ex-chancellor Philip Hammond says there will be “a fight of a lifetime” if he’s barred from standing as a Tory in the next election.

(via BBC Politics) bbc.in/32nGKkE



  1. All this posturing is getting a little tedious now, by all concerned, just get it all over and done with and move onto more pressing matters such as domestic affairs in the UK. (Now lets all learn the words to “it’s my party and i’ll cry if I want to”)

  2. A.V Dicey wrote in ‘the law of the constitution’ (1885): ” The house can in accordance with the constitution be deprived of power (when) there is fair reason to suppose that the opinion of the house is not the opinion of the electors”

  3. Be good to see the back of him and the other turncoats, I hope you enjoy your last few hours of being an MP, what a shame to go down in history as a traitor to the country, his party and democracy

  4. What is so wrong with the UK dealing with its business in the UK. Why is Hammond and his ilk so desperate to have rules and regulation coming from Brussels? Need to know what is up his sleeve other than his arm…. who is he working for?

  5. Fantastic. He never struck me as the most charismatic person but it’s great to finally see resolute, defiant opposition in the face of this Fascist coup d’etat, perpetrated by King Buffoon, Puppet Master SCummings, Class A Govee and the walking funeral himself, Jacob Grease-Hog.

  6. The significant comment in this interview that stuck with me was (not his bloody career – BBC – you think this is a soap opera?) was that Johnson has no proposals for a backstop replacement, no negotiations planned and no negotiating team, even if he had! This is ALL about his premiership. Brexit means 5yrs in #10 for Boris.

    He WILL throw the UK under one of his beloved Bus if that is what it takes to get it.

  7. You and all your mates will go down in history as traitors to democracy ! They are nothing but self serving scoundrels hoping for an EU pension just like kinnock and Blair ! 🤮, ✌️🇬🇧

  8. Good leaders lead by inspiring and motivating their team. Bad leaders lead by repression and intimidation. The new actions by Boris make him a very bad leader. No wonder, when you see his record on opportunism, hypocrisy, narcissism and blatantly aggressive behaviour. Repression can be very effective, but repressive leaders are never loved or respected.

  9. Hammond is my MP. I’m not a Conservative fan whatsoever, but I’m quite proud of the stand he’s taking here. Next time you’re canvassing, you can come in for a cuppa Phil.

  10. Its not “you’re” party, you are a member… and to get upset because the conservative party is seeking to fulfill to wishes of the majority of the uk rather than you’re own personal wishes, shows the calibre of individual that you are, clearly you are unfit for you’re role.

  11. Anyone watching this video or reading this comment should Google what Hammond said before and during the referendum
    He said there would be no second referendum
    He now supports the idea of a second referendum
    He stated that no deal was an option
    He now says it isn’t
    He said no one can change the question on the ballot paper
    He now wants to change the question in the ballot paper.
    He said that impact papers were pointless
    He has now released 3 sets of impact papers.
    Impact papers are irrelevant because you cannot predict a changing global economy. Don’t believe me?
    That’s what it actually says in the impact papers. Read them.
    He also said he was preparing for no deal.
    It turns out he wasn’t.

  12. He’s been a member of the Conservative party for 35 years,
    He’s milked it well enough to become a millionaire off the backs of the tax payers,
    yet he won’t do what his constituents voted for in the Referendum, he won’t stand down,
    He’s a traitor to the Conservative party,
    He’s a traitor to his constituents,
    He’s a traitor To Democracy &
    He’s a traitor to this country

  13. The BBC must be bricking it now, millions refusing to pay the license fee, now they’re set to lose billions in EU funding to spout their propaganda once weve left, go pay to view I won’t watch you.

  14. I’m not a Tory but I admire Philip Hammond and his colleagues for actually putting country before party or their own self interest. He voted for PM May’s deal when those currently in government voted against. He is a principled man and to call him a traitor after his many years of public service is disgraceful. I say this as someone who was not a fan of his policies.JRM and Boris defied the whip but when others do it they are threatened with deselection.What have we come to when we can’t disagree without name calling, abuse and threats. Very sad to see.

  15. Good on you Philip Hammond there needs to be people who stand up against tyranny and bullying where ever it happens. If Government was a business the PM would be in employment tribunals for his behaviour towards the staff.

  16. Wether you voted for or against Brexit
    I respect your position
    But I put one question to all remain voters I was one myself Europe will never be reformed
    I wanted to work from within to change things that will never happen
    Ask yourselves this are you happy to except a federal Europe
    Where our Parliament becomes little more than a county council
    Where there is a standardised tax policy our government looses the ability to control foreign policy and defence
    Control of our nuclear deterrent to Brussels
    How long before the Falklands the other crown dependencies come under the control of Europe


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