“These artefacts don’t just belong to us. They belong to the entire world.” Onc…


“These artefacts don’t just belong to us. They belong to the entire world.”

Once destroyed by the Taliban, these Buddha statues are being put back together by a team of experts. 🙏 https://bbc.in/2ZmdKsU



  1. This is great to see these people restore history thank you. There’s no time for all the hate, violence and ego in our world. We have a planet to save, if we don’t do that then, nothing will matter, religion or possession.

  2. What is the need of restoring these stones when you have so much productive things to do??
    Why are just restoring unnecessary things?? How will these stones help Afghanistan?
    This world has gone crazy….. Think about the real issues…. Climate change is the real issue which need to be solved.. global warming is rising the level of oceans and these are restoring unnecessary stones…??? Oceanic pollution is a huge huge problem…. You can use your brain and time to think about that instead of this stone… And believe me these are going to be destroyed again and this time these peices will also not be kept there….. Think about issues of Afghanistan …. Education is one of the biggest issue….

  3. While it’s true that these artifacts, or fragments of artifacts, don’t belong to the current holders–those holding these treasures can be trusted to manage and protect them than the world at large can be trusted to do. Let them stay where they are for now!

  4. Human has the humanity consisting of compassion for others and that pushes him to cover up any wrong done by others with his forgiveness and thus becomes divine.

  5. Rubbish..the Buddha was only concerned about suffering and the cessation of suffering..your statues are about your own attachment. They are nothing to do with the Buddha


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