The US says it has video footage proving Iran’s involvement in Thursday’s attack…


The US says it has video footage proving Iran’s involvement in Thursday’s attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman.

The BBC’s security correspondent Frank Gardner looks at the evidence.



  1. The video shows an Iranian vessel rescuing crew members and deactivating a mine stuck to the ship after the same ship emitted a distress signal. How the heck can anyone flip a narrative so much to try to use it as a way to accuse Iran of doing those attacks is beyond my mind.

  2. Hmmm they could read a newspaper held by a man stood in Moscow from a satellite during the cold war 35+ years later they look like they were filmed by Jeremy Beadle for £250

  3. Off course the yanks would blame Iran. America has caused destruction misery and violence wherever they have been from Afghanistan to Vietnam to Iraq to Syria now Iran this immoral President cannot be trusted on foreign relations

  4. I guess this is strangely similar to how the Vietnam story started… Are you going for a seconds…? 😅 my humble advice is to leave Iran as it is. Everyone will be happy

  5. Finding Iran removing the mine It’s kinda like mueller with the Russia collusion, they are good at finding out after the event , they would have been far better to have caught them planting the mine not removing it . It’s more likely they were removing a false flag planted mine knowing the USA

  6. It’s absolutely amazing how they have got video footage of this out in the middle of the sea.. what a stroke of luck that they had a camera pointing at the hull of this ship at just correct moment in time to capture this secret attack .

  7. iran is not stupid…..they saw what us airpower did to iraq……they do not want cruise missles and b 52 strikes killing their people……all this is jared fricken kushner fishy

  8. You have to wonder if anyone believes the US has any credibility, given what’s been happening over the last two and a half years. Trump’s administration really can’t spend all its time claiming its own intelligence community lies, until…

  9. hard to believe anything this government says, Gulf of Tonkin, WMD’s and now this. America has been in exsistence for 243 years and has been at war for 226 of them. That’s 93% of our exsistence.

  10. Trumps way of trying to convince the sheep Iran bombed the Japanese tankers. ” Well Iran did it. You can see very clearly the boat in the video.” lol . That’s me convinced then. 😂😂😂


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