The US college admissions scandal has forced a reckoning on inequality in Americ…


The US college admissions scandal has forced a reckoning on inequality in America’s education system.

But the inequalities begin at a young age with school funding.

#CutThroughTheNoise and find out why America’s education system favours the wealthy.



  1. A good way to finding a solution is to stop using property taxes to fund a big chunk of a district’s budget. Of course poorer areas are underfunded, they take in less tax money. That is the heart of the problem.

  2. Can we please mention how democrats have been in charge of it for years as well as tuition fees. Worth mentioning since it’s high on their topic of republican and bank bashing lately. Just ask Maxine 😂

  3. OK has a big problem, because retail is concentrated in specific areas those districts have the vest funding. There is no fully equal way to do things though- if everyone gets the same education- everyone becomes the same. Within school districts there are disparities- magnet schools get more finding ans hugher qualified teachers, then there are the ESL that receives extra assistance pulling more resources from everyone else.

  4. Teacher: “If you had one dollar and you asked your father for another, how many dollars would you have?”
    Vincent: “One dollar.”
    Teacher: “You don’t know your arithmetic.”
    Vincent: “You don’t know my father.”

  5. Some people have always wanted to say and think that there is not difference in an all black school or an all white school, but there is a difference a lot of differences. One of the things that has to change is how some teachers still teach the old way; the way they did in the 60s and before that and also stop wasting time in some schools with assemblies and allowing children/teens to play basketball during school hours and charging the other students to attend those games. If for some reason we had to go to an assembly or something else, we all had to go to the classes that we missed to get our homework assignments. Stop spending money on frivolous things such as large venues for graduation all because women don’t want to sit outside for evening graduations. No one complained before, because graduation was held on school property in the community and parents could get there sit on the bleachers and when it was over go home which is not an hour plus or minus away, plus free parking. Vanity. Graduation is a big deal, but stop acting like it is a college graduation or a graduation beyond high school by demanding to let every relative known receive a ticket. That tells students that that is all the education they should get unless it is the first person in the whole family to graduate from high school and that student wants to go further with her/his education.or learning. My opinion, I am entitled to my opinion.

  6. Integration inclusion learning together understanding each other, what is so alien about that. It is more enriching enabling the youngsters to grow more rounded as they grow up to adults who can thrive and provide.


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