The sporting community is divided over how to include transgender athletes. Toda…


The sporting community is divided over how to include transgender athletes. Today we look at the science and ask if it’s possible to have a level playing field.

[This video has been updated to reflect the latest research on the effect of testosterone as the biggest differentiator between male and female athletes, and the full scientific debate on physical advantages.]



  1. I’m glad I play Roller Derby, where my fellow women can play regardless of this non issue. Having been knocked off my skates by cis women and trans women, I can tell you it feels the same.

  2. I wouldn’t think test is the biggest differentiator. Other factors like bone density, growth plates, receptor density, etc. would be more substantial I think and much harder to change with hormone therapy.

  3. Just look at the cases of the high school track athletes in America who transitioned from male to female. People who had marginal track performance as a male were crushing records as a female. All politics aside, there seems to be a clear advantage for these athletes who transition from male to female.

  4. This is a very complicated subject that we want to simplify into two categories and it’s not so straight forward. Each person must be decided on a case by case basis.

  5. Well you’re never going to get someone born female going into men’s sport because the wouldn’t be physically competitive, on the other side, someone born male then competing in female sports is simply unfair. For sporting legislation it seems to me pretty simple, you play for the gender you were physically born as.

  6. Unless all participants were identical you can never actually make sport fair. Even people born as women who identify as women can have massive differences between their body types. It’s interesting that we only pick on people from minority groups when we’re campaigning for “fair” sport

  7. To make the playing field closer to equal, what about letting bio women take enhancements if they want to boost certain performance components? They don’t currently allow for that, but it could bridge the gap closer to equal if bio women could enhance.

  8. This video kept on referring to general populous. But it’s not, when you compare a male athlete with a female athlete the male will always be stronger/quicker/faster…just look at the times! Marathon, 100 metres, triathlon, 5k, 100m butterfly, 50m freestyle, hurdles…I could go in all day. How can it be fair that a male bodied person could compete against women and it be fair on women? It makes me really sad actually as someone who loves sport and likes winning too 😕

  9. It’s a very interesting and more complex question than I realized. I figured that if testosterone levels were low enough than compete as female. I never considered all of the anatomy and physiology that would already be set after going through puberty as a male. It may come down to when the transition occurred-did it occur pre-puberty?

  10. It makes me happy that people are trying to figure the best way to handle it. Whether they play for their gendered league or the other or whatever we decide is fair scientifically and biologically, it’s just nice that we’re attempting to find a way to be inclusive.


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