The moment the Notre-Dame cathedral spire collapsed.


The moment the Notre-Dame cathedral spire collapsed.



  1. Good job they emptied all of the artwork out of it last week…and the weeks before that were desperate for repairs to be done and for donations to get it done.
    No I’m not cynical. You are.

  2. Incredibly grateful that i got to see this beautiful historical building. Its heart breaking watching it consumed by flames. Our hearts are weeping for paris tonight

  3. One of the most beautiful cathedral in the world🥺🥺🥺hoping that they managed to save all the 10bells and many other priceless treasures inside it🥺🥺🥺

  4. Heart breaking….poor Paris…..I can’t believe it! The first time I saw Notre Dame was on my Honeymoon in 1967…it was beautiful! My thoughts are with Paris and France. 🇫🇷

  5. This is so sad to watch 😔such a beautiful church known and recognised worldwide. A disaster for Paris and France. I pray that most of the church will be saved and that restoration work will begin asap.

  6. Reduced to ruins within a couple of hours. Complete devastation.
    Heartbreaking to see the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral reduced to this together with hundreds of years of history. So sad…. it was a magnificent building inside and out…… a majestic landmark in Paris.

  7. It’s was definitely a beautiful church. Remember the kingdom of God is within. I pray everyone is safe. Have a blessed Easter everyone! Rejoice in our SAVIORS RESURRECTION. All glory and honor is yours Jesus. God bless all your families is Paris. What a beautiful country you have. Someday I hope to come visit.❤️

  8. One of the most beautiful & awe inspiring cathedrals in the world. So lucky to have visited many years ago. So sad for Paris & the world. Lets hope this beautiful building will rise like a pheonix from the flame & ashes

  9. So sad. I remember my first visit. I had met my in laws in Paris. They were trying to get visitor visas to come to America to see their grandchildren for the first time. After the visas were granted, my father in law, a devout Muslim, insisted on going to Notre Dame cathedral. He had prayed to God there that he would light candles at the Virgin Mary’s feet in God’s honor should his wish be granted. See, he was Muslim, but said all religions must be respected as God was God, regardless of the language. He never criticized Christianity, said , although he didn’t believe Jesus yo be the son of God, he DID believe him to be a profit, just as was Muhammad, and therefore should be shown equal respect. I miss that man. I miss his calm wisdom, his deep, abiding respect for those of other faiths. And I miss that day in Paris, in that beautiful cathedral that took my breath away as I felt something wondrous course through my body as I entered through the doors. Believer or non believer, SOMETHING WONDROUS ABIDED THERE.

  10. C est une triste nouvelle pour nous. Notre-Dame est notre histoire, symbole de notre culture et de notre pays. C’est une groees perte pour la France et les français

    This is very sad news for us. Notre-Dame is our history, symbol of our culture and our country. It’s a big loss for France and the French😭😭😭😭


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