The moment a gunman opens fire on thousands of concert-goers in Las Vegas.(War…


The moment a gunman opens fire on thousands of concert-goers in Las Vegas.

(Warning: disturbing audio)



  1. This is the worst mass shooting ever in America. The shooter was not a Muslim or Mexican. There are no walls or travel bans to keep him out. He’s an American. And no matter how you slice and dice it.. this is an act of terrorism. Call it what it is. And as long as we keep breeding a culture of hate from the top and machine guns for everyone.. this will only get worse. Your walls and your bans are useless.

  2. Do you know what #whiteprivilege is?

    It is to murder over 50 people and injure 450, only to have authorities claim, within minutes and without any verification, that you are not a terrorist.

    It is to commit the largest mass murder and shooting in recent American history, and be described as a ‘retired grandfather’.

    It is to inflict pain and suffering on others, and not have to worry that a single person of your race, or religion, or your women and children, face any backlash for your crime.

    It is to kill (or rape, or loot, or plunder, or colonize…) and get away with it without bringing up irrelevant issues like religion, Scripture, culture, theology or ideology. As of this writing, we still have no idea of the religion and beliefs of the killer.

    It is, essentially, to consider any such incident to be a freak accident, and let life continue without changing any policies, or calling for national dialogues about laws on immigration, tolerance of others, gun ownership, cultural differences (such as dress codes), and the list goes on and on.

    PS. This comment in no way intends to trivialize the tragic loss of life. My sincerest condolences to the families of the victims in this horrible tragedy.


  3. Why do they keep showing the same thing over and over again.?We’ve all seen the video from 5000 different angles. We get it. Enough glorifying this madman! This does nothing to help anyone!

  4. For those already trying to politicize the tragic shooting in Vegas, here’s a few things you need to know before spouting off like a fool:

    1. The shooter used what sounded like a fully-automatic AK-47, judging by the cycling rate and sound in the videos.

    2. A fully-automatic weapon is one that only requires a single pull of the trigger for the gun to continue to cycle rounds through the action, unlike their semi-automatic counterparts, which require a pull of the trigger for every single round fired. With a fully-automatic weapon, you pull and hold the trigger down as it continues to cycle rounds.

    3. Fully-automatic weapons of every type have been banned to the general public for decades by the National Firearms Act.

    4. To get a fully-automatic weapon, one must first pay $200 for the tax stamp from the ATF. Then, they go through a rigorous background check from the government, before the stamp is even issued. The process takes between six months and a year.

    5. Even if you qualify for the tax stamp (most people don’t), you then have to purchase the fully automatic weapon. Since their production has been outlawed since they were banned to the general public, these weapons cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, depending on what you’re after, thus making them cost prohibitive to the average person.

    6. If you possess a fully-automatic weapon without going through the proper process it’s a federal felony that carries a minimum 10-year mandatory sentence. There’s no leeway in the law, and the government does not mess around with these prosecutions.

    7. Due to the strict regulations already in place for fully-automatic weapons, most people, terrorists or otherwise, likely wouldn’t seek them out to use in an attack because it would be next to impossible to get your hands on one without the government finding out – each an every legally-owned full-auto weapon is registered with the government.

    8. Given the shooter had previous run-ins with the law, he likely didn’t qualify for the purchase of a fully-automatic weapon, due to the strict requirements that you have a squeaky-clean record. Most people don’t qualify for a handgun permit if they’ve had legal troubles, let alone a federal permit for the purchase of an actual “weapon of war,” and not the replicas most civilians own.

    9. Odds are, the shooter in Vegas either purchased his weapon illegally, manufactured it himself, or stole it from someone prior to committing this heinous act, since his previous legal issues likely prohibited him from purchasing it legally. There’s also the possibility that he converted an existing weapon into full-auto; however, doing so carries the same penalties – 10-year minimum mandatory – as owning a fully-automatic weapon that someone else made. There’s no loopholes for converting your own.

    10. Given the regulations already surrounding fully-automatic weapons, there’s not a gun control law or proposal that would have stopped the shooter in Las Vegas. Even owning certain parts of fully-automatic weapons carries the 10-year minimum sentence, so further regulation of these weapons would do little, if anything to prevent any future incidents.

    Again, this is just for those who are already decrying American gun laws. There’s not a law that will ever stop someone intent on breaking the law – murder is already illegal, after all – so please, keep your political agenda out of this.

    First off, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Secondly, it makes you look cold and callous to push an agenda while the blood of the victims on the ground is still warm.


  5. When American was retired, One day he woke up. He was bored and tired of his life, so just said to himself “why not to go to the corner shop and buy a shitload of guns and ammo and shoot hundreds of people”. Why ? Because everyone can. Why these things never happen in UK or EU?

  6. His a white dude now his described as a gunman than a terrorist by mass media. If he was Muslim surely he best fitted the notion of being a terrorist. Bunch of hypocrites, may those precious & beautiful souls Rest In Peace. Speedy recovery for all the injured.

  7. My heart is so sad over what happened in Las Vegas. I was just there this past Friday night performing a concert and was blessed to have had that experience and meet so many incredibly nice people…I honestly couldn’t believe when I heard the news this morning. My heart truly goes out to the victims, their family and friends, and everyone affected by this senseless tragedy. With all that’s been happening in the world, I just want to thank you guys for being a positive force in my life. Let’s keep loving each other and spreading light in the world. I’m sending my love to all of you both near and far ❤️

  8. #BBC #liars #racist now it is just a Gunman !! Just Gunman , if he was arab or muslim you will immediately call him terrorist . But when it comes to European or American it s just a gunman or man was boring start shooting people for fun….
    and u call urself as the oldest and best institute for news in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Honestly America I don’t want to hear about acts of heroism, how great the emergency services were, what a great day you had and how you condone the actions of the gunman. You sold the ****er the weapons. I don’t even blame the gunman. You knew it was going to happen and you know it’s going to happen again. Either do something about it or suck it up!

  10. Whether it’s white man or Muslim it’s still terrorism. All Guns should be banned from the public. Shut the gun shops and scrap the guns. Hotels need to up there security. Trump needs to get his head screwed on.

  11. What? A gunman opens fıre? Because he ıs of your relıgıon BBC, why not a terrorıst attack? What terror means and to whom you gıve the tıtle terrorıst? Who terrorıses or terrorıst means Muslım ın your language

  12. Saving one life is saving humanity!
    This is what i have always believe in. When it comes to saving a life ,nothing matters, whether the soul is muslim or non muslim, rich or poor. You have to save a life whether its a poor child dying out of violence in Rohingya or a man deadly injured by gunfire in America.
    ‪Nothing is more important than empathy for another human being’s-suffering, and ‬
    when we lack empathy, everything that makes us humans disappears!!
    And sadly we live in a cruel world where people lack empathy and morals.

  13. I feel for those people and their loved ones, this should never happen in any modern society, I’ve just watched a debate on American television, about whether you should in the event of a mass shooting, Run, hide, or fight, America you’ve missed the point, the greatest respect you could give all those people shot dead or injured over the years is to change your amendment and ban fire arms and tighten gun laws to the extent where if you even sneeze you can’t own one, not debate whether you should run, hide or fight, the bloke who did it had at least 19 guns !!! Someone even suggested that security guards be armed ffs ! Once something happens like this the families of the victims hurt for the rest of their lives, show them the respect they deserve and in their names BAN THE GUNS !!

  14. This is really horrifying. Perhaps the worst part is America is not going to learn from this. By tomorrow more Americans will walk into gun shops to buy automatic weapons. And so the horror goes on. 🙁

  15. Wow!!! do we make these kinds of snide remarks to other countries, therefore making it ok for some of these remarks, or do they just feel like they have some kind of right? Mind your own business and keep your collective noses out of ours unless it is constructive and productive. EVERYTIME your country needs help, our little country does it’s best to help out . . . don’t see you guys offering anything when we need it.

  16. This moment recorded doesn’t teach us anything new about the event. All it does is transmit the emotion of the moment to everyone who watches it. Therefore this is not news, it is something else. Something worse. Why would any news agency want to repeat this moment of terror to thousands who weren’t even there?

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