The global pain divide. While the US suffers an overdose epidemic, most of the r…


The global pain divide. While the US suffers an overdose epidemic, most of the rest of the world misses out on vital painkillers.



  1. Any news about the UK weapon sale to saudi arabia thats killing innocent #yemeni_childern !!!??? #BBC turning blind eye on massacres committed in yemen with #UK_weapons,,

  2. The media must help by stopping to ply stories attributed to ‘reliable’ or ‘usually well-informed’ sources and naming the source within the story itself. Fake story circulted by BBC too.

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  4. Yet here in the USA we can’t get pain relief of muscle calming drugs. I have had a broken back and neck and some days are nonfunctional due to pain and muscle spasms. Say something to the doctor and you get the “sweet face” while they ignore you. No wonder people turn to the streets!

  5. Big pharma, particularly the Sackler family business, prepping for world-wide sales push, now that they are getting pushback in the US, because of the opioid crisis they engineered… just like selling cigarettes in China and India, once the US market got restricted

  6. Money, money, money ! ! Unfortunately, also fuels factions in places like Columbia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, which then costs more in wars, and counter terrorism,etc. ! !

  7. Definitely big pharma. Crazy thing is that so many drugs you can buy cheaply over the counter in the UK require a prescription in the US and are ridiculously expensive if you do not have good insurance. Our insurance company will not cover Beconase so it costs a stupid amount but I can walk into Boots and buy it for less than £6.39 but the insurance company will cover Flonase and we only pay $10 for 3 bottles. In the UK and Canada you can buy painkillers with small amounts of codeine. In the US you need a prescription.

  8. The issue is getting opioids to the people who need them in poorer countries.

    The idea that, because one group has more of something another group has less is fallacious. Stop selling this “Fixed Pie Fallacy” garbage.

    The ridiculous level of demand for opioids by the richest 10% likely increases the availability and decreases the cost to the poorest 90%.

  9. I had major surgery on my shoulder 18 months ago, and my surgeon sent me home with 3.5 days’ worth of opioids. I was in agony for way too long. I just happened to find my med MJ — and that took care of that.

  10. on the opioid problem is with the pharmacutial companies and the doctors. i heard of a small town in virginia that had over 2 million pills sent to their pharmacies… figured out to be over 700 pills per resident of the town…..why aren’t they cracking down on these two groups. cancel the medical licenses of doctors writing these prescriptions and audit the companies making the pills on the numbers they are shipping/selling.


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