The dangers of using hands-free phones while driving have been highlighted by a …


The dangers of using hands-free phones while driving have been highlighted by a simulator.

(via BBC South)



  1. I know answering the call can be distraction (depending on car setup) but the conversation itself is identical to talking to a passenger. In fact you aren’t tempted to look across at them, and not all passengers drive so the whole knowing what’s on the road ahead scenario isn’t really justified.

  2. Why answer? My phone is in my handbag and stays there for the duration of my journey. My life everybody’s life is worth more than some phone call. Technology at its worst. Put it away altogether.

  3. Sooooooo, the simulator is set up for the wrong side of the road, 3rd person view and it’s a BMW so that’s instantly going to corrupt the test data for this country.
    What about general conversation between driver and passengers?
    Singing along to music?
    Listening to music?

  4. Should I not talk to anyone in the car as well? How about listening to the radio? Definitely shouldn’t sing along aye?

    If you can’t hold a conversation and drive safely, you shouldn’t be on the roads at all.

  5. So your passenger would stop talking in situations like that because they’d see the zebra crossing too. Does that mean blind people cannot talk to drivers? Or passengers in the back cannot speak to the driver? Or children cannot speak to the driver? Just seems a weird arguement for phone vs talking to someone in the car.

  6. You know I get the distinct impression that the millenial generation and beyond don’t believe scientific evidence, be it this issue or climate change. That would rather listen to fake news on social media!

  7. I totally agree hands free should not be used while driving,I said right from the start the you can’t possibly concentrate on your driving even when using hands free,something needs inventing to fit to all cars to make it impossible to talk on any phone while driving 🤬🤬🤬

  8. Makes the prospect of flying a helicopter and talking to ATC or manoeuvring for filming / photography according to the directors wishes seem terrifying. If one cannot cope with more than one mental process at a time, stay off of the roads.

  9. Huge assumption that other people in the car will adjust their conversation based on road conditions or traffic. Most passengers are not paying attention on the road at all, and talk as if they are the pub.

  10. Let’s ban all passengers, especially kids…no thinking as that is a distraction, I had an itch earlier and while I was scratching it I lost all concentration on the road.

  11. No need to be an expert to see that whenever one thinks one is actually visualizing. The problem lies within the complexity of the thought, of the amount of concentration and reflection that goes into constructing it. One could also call it the level of obsession with one’s thoughts. The more inner awareness is solicited, it is done so to the detriment of external awareness.
    Based on that I’d say that all obsessive thinkers should be banned too.


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