The Brexit prime minister: The highs and lows of Theresa May’s political career….


The Brexit prime minister: The highs and lows of Theresa May’s political career.



  1. Why didn’t she go earlier? she’s achieved nothing, “leave means leave”. Most of the country saw this coming surely someone in such a high office should have the wit to see this, even her advisors, what were they doing? They’re running (ruining’ our country.! What a shambles on a gigantic scale. And what next, BJ. We’re doomed.

  2. It’s long overdue that TM goes.
    She has played the British public by duping everyone into believing that she was negotiating BREXIT.
    Her true position all along was to stay in the EU by any means.
    Her treacherous behaviour has made the UK weak and the laughing stock of the world.
    Get someone in to deliver BREXIT and rebuild the once proud country that was Great Britain.

  3. We now should be taking the opportunity to rescue our hard earned way of life… As is we’re still on the brink of a very real (self inflicted) disaster…

  4. The PM has worked her backside off for what she believed was the best deal for the country. Sometimes against impossible odds. Although I’m not a fan of hers or a Tory supporter I have to take my hat of to her. Absolutely fair play to the woman.

  5. BBC News.. I was watching the screens whilst at the gym this morning and your strap lines across the bottom of the screen are appalling… at one point it read that a communities minister had resigned in order to “actively” …. clearly the missing word was support, but it was not changed throughout my viewing… doesn’t anyone proof read what they have written, or a director/producer actually read this stuff???

  6. 20 minutes at the beginning of the lunch time news spent on this – all repetitive 10 minutes of other news the an extra 10 minutes on the prime minister !!!!!! is this really necessary??????? if it was new news then i could understand it but the same facts repeated in 3 different ways is just too much – to then overun into local news time with an extra 10 minutes showing me what i had already seen at the beginning of the bulletin was more than enough. what i wanted more information about was the 6 children injured in my home city on my local news!!


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