That’s one way to win a race! College hurdler Infinite Tucker clinches victory…


That’s one way to win a race! 😂

College hurdler Infinite Tucker clinches victory by performing a ‘Superman dive’ over the finish line. 🦸‍♂️🏅👏

(Via BBC Sport) 🎥SEC Network



  1. Not for nothing but he clearly would have *won regardless; his legs didn’t lock, there’s no sign he was exerted to the point of collapse or anything — just looked like an overly-excited guy about to win diving in elation over his victory. Is it excessive? Yes, but also simultaneously adorable and good for him. lol. That’s how I feel.

  2. This is a good case to discuss. But personally, I don’t think it’s right to win that way. You have to sprint with feet not sliding yourself to win. It’s the ‘racing match’ not ‘skying’. Think about from now on, anyone in any running match can jump, dive, slide, fly or whatever to make the end justify the means. For better fairness, they should put them to race against each other again (without diving.)

  3. I remember, my 1st husband, who was a fantastic sprinter, was trained to always ‘dip’ over the finish line and that dip could totally make the difference over finishing positions…
    I’m not so sure about ‘diving’ or throwing yourself across the finish line, I suppose it would be good to finish mostly by crossing running on two feet and not like something akin to a rugby move..! And, I also suppose, as things stand, his ‘dive’ over the line could be considered an extreme dip!
    Regardless, my real, big pat on the back goes to the guy who came second – he dipped!!! over the finish line and then fell over after the line, he had a questioning look, but then appears to take his second place with the spirit of a good sportsman, without any apparent complaint.
    Have to say, watching races could become a lot more fun if we wait to watch how they all throw themselves across the finish line…😂🤣😂 …at least until the authorities check the rules and potentially revise the definition of ‘how’ to complete a race acceptably, IF this case means it now needs any revision 🤗


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