Thank you Manchester City Thank you Liverpool FC A Premier League title race …


Thank you Manchester City
Thank you Liverpool FC

A Premier League title race we will always remember…



  1. The premier league table 18/19:
    1. Man City- EPL Champion & FA cup final
    2. Liverpool- Champions league final
    3. Chelsea- Europa league final
    4. Tottenham- Champions league final
    5. Arsenal- Europa league final
    6. Man utd- Watching finals…

  2. Congratulations Liverpool for winning more points 😂
    Congratulations Ole for making my season worse
    Congratulations Manchester city for making Manchester United proud by denying Liverpool a trophy now they have to for another year to try it again 😂😂😂😂😂
    But as long as I am alive Liverpool will never win a major trophy screenshot my comment 😂

  3. City
    – 98 points
    – Won their last 14 consecutive games
    – Record home goals in a season
    – Conceded 4 goals since Feb

    – 97 points
    – Their record points
    – Most clean sheets
    – 1 loss all season

    One of the greatest Premier League title races of all-time


  4. no matter how it hurts to lose the league with 97 points. this was such a great season, and a season to remember. congratulation to man city, if you win a race like this, it’s truely deserved.
    YNWA 💪 and next year, will be ours 😛

  5. Club Name: Liverpool Bottling Company
    Manager: Jorgen Flopp
    Slogan: You’ll Never Win Anything
    No of EPL Titles:
    ✔️ This Year Is Our Year🏆
    ✔️ We have the best net spend 🏆
    ✔️ We’re the best runner up in EPL history 🏆
    ✔️ Van Dijk is the Wall of Liverpool 🏆
    ✔️ We lost only one EPL match this season 🏆

  6. Why only man city and liverpool you are congratulating?😏 the other clubs didn’t play right, they were there to officiate I guess!!😁 anyways congratulations to man united for winning europa league spot.

  7. Despite Liverpool not lifting the trophy, they are winners, as well. They lost it because only one club is to clinch. The best competitive title race between the top two sides ever since I started watching the premier league. It’s no wonder City winning the title yet again for they are the strongest team and quality in their squad. The premier league is the most competitive league and where you might not predict the result before the game.
    Hoping that Liverpool and other clubs will come stronger for the new season, I would like to congratulate City for defending the title. 👏

  8. Thank you Manchester city for winning the English premier league.

    Thank you Liverpool for trying to win English premier league more luck next year 😂


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