Stacey Abrams, who hopes to be the first black female governor in the US, is ref…


Stacey Abrams, who hopes to be the first black female governor in the US, is refusing to concede just yet.



  1. Not all of the votes have been counted. There are still tens of thousands of ballots not counted yet. Saying Kemp won already sends the msg that a person’s vote doesnt count.

  2. Interesting that none of the people in the video commented on why her policies make her the better choice. “Making history” should not be the deciding factor in politics.

  3. There has been massive voter suppression here in Georgia, and over 100k votes (absentee and provisional) still uncounted. Ms. Abrams also has much better policies for Georgia in every field

  4. It’s a shame that women will vote for a woman because she is a woman and blacks will vote for someone because they are black. Heard that here in Florida with Gillum. It’s also amazing how many people are making this post about race and it has nothing to do with the color of our skin.

  5. While I do typically tend to lean a but to the left on politics, I simply can’t abide by what this woman has had to say about the major industries of Georgia. She has publicly denounced agriculture and tourism as they relate to the Georgia economy, and her plans as Governor would restrict those industries, which are the two largest in the state, as much as possible. Gender and race have no bearing on it. I simply disagree with her politics.

  6. Count every vote!!! We are seeing it CAN make a difference. Even if her opponents win holds, all need to see why voter suppression is a Republican trick, can’t win in some areas w/o it!!!

  7. Considering issues with voter suppression, voting machine problems, & the fact that Kemp supposedly oversaw the voting system in Georgia, I do not think he should even be allowed to be an official candidate & a vote recount will be necessary if he wins. Of course that won’t happen b/c republicans love cheating.


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