Soldiers’ Killings: Declare Nigeria A Nation At War – Okorocha “A nation has to…


Soldiers’ Killings: Declare Nigeria A Nation At War – Okorocha

“A nation has to be in a serious war to lose 10 soldiers, not to talk about 40 soldiers. So Nigeria must declare itself as a nation at war,” Okorocha said.




  1. Mr Governor Nigeria has been at war since 2009 under PDP and many soldiers were killed and Nigerian territory about 14 LGAs are under Book Haram .I think the military are on top of the situation now so let us support the military to bring an end to the menace.May Allah bless and protect Nigeria from known and unknown enemies.

  2. Story story, we not at partial war before, we terrorist in North East. Soldiers are trained to kill are to die for sovereign of Nigeria, stop political issues out this. R l P our Gallant soldiers

  3. No amount of praying and fasting will save the damnable Zoological republic of nigeria from total destruction, boko haram is an ideology nobody can defeat, they were peaceful until the Zoo government and it’s useless security forces went and kill their leader, now ill educated boko haram is mercilessly dealing with Zoo security forces… IPOB is peacefully demanding for a Referendum to determine their future in the Zoo called nigeria and the same incompetent government and it’s cowardly security forces is killing Us, when IPOB pick up arms the Zoo will be burnt to the ground make no mistake about this… #TheZooMustFall #BiafraExitIsSure #SupportBiafraReferendum #NoReferendumNoElection #AllHailBiafra

  4. Anti clockwise thinking, nobody should leave APC, the gaming is getting interesting. Lai US shouldn’t grant Atiku visa, declare Nigeria war nation, Nigeria is selling electricity to Burkina Faso. Buhari my govt is working to bring our Medical doctors from US to work here, slashing jamb form price while Universities are on strike, what bundle of clowns

  5. I just kept wondering why mr integrity refused to sack these security chiefs it’s bcox they are northerners. Wat’s the meaning of all these this old men have failed instead them to humbly resign yet he’s stil there holding his staff claiming boss of the army seriously with this nepotism only buhari have failed for second bid nigeria shouldn’t just be for a particular region if not then divide the country for peace to reign.


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